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Birthday Random post

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I was happily chatting till I saw the clock. 12.29 am. My birthday officially passed. That was quick! And then I thought, shit, I haven’t blog. I always have this thing on posting stuff that happens on that date itself. So what I always do is create an empty post and save it as a draft to blog on later so that it will retain the date I wanted. Then I frantically log on to blogger cause I know blogger is about 30 minutes behind my time. But sadly, it wasn’t. Sighs. Then I click on post options to see what time and alas, I realise I can actually change the date and time! OMG. I didn’t know that!! Am I just noob or what? Anyway, so my birthday passed. After just 12 hours. Cos I spent the half of it sleeping it. Trying to recover my brain from that traumatic insomnia-tic experience. Why are birthdays so short? It’s like hor, I don’t even have the time for that feeling to sink in, to cope with the fact that I’m going to be one year older. Even before it happens mentally, it’s already gone physically. They really should make it, a birthweek, instead of a birthday you know. Cause people tend to do stuff a few days before or after their birthdays anyway. Anyway, this isn’t suppose to be about my spur of the moment thoughts. I’m suppose to blog bout my birthday. But, I’m lazy. When I get the pictures, I will. Haha. Which reminds me of sooo many b’dayz that I haven’t actually finish. Sighs… I will la during the holidays. I think


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Exams – ditched!!!

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Yay, it’s the time of the year where everyone just cheers on without looking back. Who cares about the results right? It’s not gonna be out for quite sometimes so, you have plenty of time to prepare yourself emotionally before gazing upon your result slip – which may or may not be a joyful thing.

I’m surprise I can still blog right now. You guys have NO idea howwww drained I mean am. Physically, mentally, er.. any (see la, so many errors – it’s like my brain is thinking this and my hands are typing other unrelated shit that came up from no where) everything else. Those with me this afternoon would have known. I slept for merely less than 2 hours last nite. Sighs. I think I shouldn’t have said that my year repeats itself. It was like I’m jinxed!!

You see, last year – Bio, last paper. Not the hardest paper and in fact one of the easier ones to study. This year, Bio is again the last paper (actually it’s on different Semester, so er, my half-year repeats itself..). It’s considered one of the hardest ba (I cannot decide between other eually suicidal subjects). But no doubt it’s definitely the one that requires MOST mugging (FYI mug = study). And so last year I was deprived of sleep – so much that my head was killing me and I vomited eventually. This time around, I was again deprived of sleep. But for totally different reason. I actually allocated TIME to sleep – 5 to 6 hours. Yet, my blardy brain for some reason don’t want to turn off. The thing is, I wasn’t even thinking about the exam or anything. It IS blank I’m telling you, like plain darkness nia. Yet, I failed to fall asleep, till prolly say 5 o clock in the morning and darn alarm rang off in just like 2 seconds at half past 7 in the morning. My brain was really screaming diaoz out loud.

From blank to heavy headed. Great, just what I need for a super long exam ahead. Ain’t life lovely, like you know, maybe it well help me to remember more things, NOT!!!! Totally screwed up my concentration – I knew I will be cognitively impaired and I misread some questions and it wasn’t like anything close to the original meaning. Really kind of not related if you ask me. Luckily I read it over again and sighs, erased my nicely drawn graph and shift it for another part of the question. Then realise, no wo, it should be in the beginning really, then erased and drew it again in the original space. Then realised it was not right AGAIN, now too lazy and I super beh tahan, just used arrow and linked to next part. I really wished my half year will repeat itself cause last year I passed ma. I was so tempted to make myself vomit this morning, feeling rather unwell, but scrapped the thought and breathe in deeply thinking, I’ll be freaking fine. So that was the unglamorous end to my exams. Half way through 2nd year. Hehehehehhe – I better pass everything.

p/s I’m suppose to blog about my friends birthday (Kuan and PS, I din forget ya!), but I’ll leave it to later – my eyes are closing and my brain is liked all messed up. I need a nap. ZzZzz..

pp/s Oh and also my birthday la of course! Read: tomolo. Hint: Gifts????!! Hahah nola, I no so thick skin one. Wish me la pplz!! Hahahaha. After the dreadful exams, a simple wish is adequate for me. Though gifts are also highly welcomed. ROFL. But oh no – I’m turning 21… Gone are the days of my teenage life. Now, is this not shittier than the Bio exam, hmmm…?

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Am I stressssssed?

s0hMood > *cry*

There’s two more to go – 1 test and 1 exam. By Thursday afternoon, I’ll be officially exam-free. For six months. That’s just a few days away. Wo hooo! Yet it feels so far away. While part of me wanted to just get it over and DONE with, a small part of me really wanted to stretch the remaining 24 hours somewhat further. Sighs. Why is always Bio the last one? It’s so torturing. One would think Bio will be the least of a dental student’s worry. More relevant subjects like DHS and DCP would have a much bigger impact. At least it’s connected to Dentistry. Well Bio is connected, that’s unarguably true. But, why on earth is it so demanding? Ffs. It’s like the subject I fear the most. Think DCP. I think I somewhat blow that. Think DHS. I think I blew that majorly. Now Bio. My, I might even fail. Oh God please, not now!!!! Don’t turn away from me nowwwww. Though I’m not a Christian, nor am I any close to a devoted Buddhist. But, trust me, I do believe in God’s super powers. So it will be extra nice if you would just help me out, yet again, this time around. I’ll drop down to my knees and beg you 1000 times if I could. I’m despo. Like real despo. I am not anywhere near to the finish line. I started during SWOTVAC, a clear advantage when I finished half of it. But imagine my disappointment when I don’t even remember what I did. Have to read them all over again??? Sighs. I’m so not going to do that. And imagine my face after looking at the Bio past papers. Heck it was hard. And our case is so much longer than the previous exams. How to die la, you tell me????!!! A long night awaits me. And I’m already half asleep. My progress in Bio so far: Respiratory system – so so. Endocrine system – beginners. Renal and cardiac system – been there, done it but me brain contains nothing, absolutely cleared from me old memory. *Sobs uncontrollably*

p/s It’s not like a really sob la k. Just mentally sobbing sia. And perhaps my situation above is slightly exaggerated. But only slightly because sadly, 99.99999% of it is true. *pulls a face so long that my jaw is touching the floor*

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This is not me talking, I repeat, NOT ME

s0hMood > *discouraged*

Another random discovery on today’s The Star online paper:

Johor to increase policemen patrolling to combat crime

Policemen? I see no policemen, more like a bunch of NS trainees

In case u r going wtfness, please ignore the upper entry. I just finished 2 exams, which I equally flopped. It was so crap that I really need to crap through the papers. So you get the idea and stop complaining that my blog is boring/useless/kisiao/38/airheaded-ish ok! Not that anyone of you complaint (or DID you?????!!!), but again you get the idea, JUST IN CASE laa~

p/s And God it doesn’t help Bio being the freaking last subject. Sheesh, I studied half and forgotten all. Diaoz. If only you see the MOUNTING pile of things I NEED to read through for that lousy exam… And not to mention those complicated case reports. Despite having it been given to us beforehand. It makes no difference really when the patients combined, literally have every single condition imaginable. Like siao can? How can one be sooo freaking diseased and not die? Ok, one of the patient did die la but why must it be during dental Tx la. Sien.

pp/s I’m not like cursing diseased people to die hoooor, I’m just curious why some people can be sibeh strong – immune system like, like, like… *insert whatever creature with good immune system* (Don’t go and clever clever shout tiger cos apparently a documentary I saw said there is no such thing as a sick tiger, they are either healthy, or they’re dead)

How much are you worth?
So lil nia.. ceh ceh..

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sohMood > *Come on, DHS DHS DHS*

OMG, Vivien, you permed your hair???!!!!!!!!!!!! was the 1st thing I said. And she goes casually, I TIED up my hair just now. o.O Then Han came up 2 mins later, “Oh my God, Vivien did u PERM your hair?” ROFLs..

p/s just came back from DCP exam – totally fucked

pp/s pardon the short entries these days. No time laaa~ If u reli wanna noe bout me this exam period, click here as for before today, and here for what’s gonna happen tomolo. My year just repeats itself.

ppp/s a new discovery came thru the mail. Click on image to enlarge.

Wtf!!! 80 people but just a bloody ticket to Phuket? Ki siao. Don’t even have 80 bloody friends to begin with – even after including those ‘hi and bye’ friends. And it doesn’t even say if other stuff are included. Say accommodation? Food? Heck what bout return ticket??? !!#@=-+*&&%@@%*. Isn’t MAS on sale now where you oni pay a mediocre 1 buck to Alor Setar or something and 10 bucks to Cambodia? Phuket IS in the list and from the geography lessons I took in Form 3, Thailand is sure nearer than Cambodia RIGHT? So it cost prolly around there (as in less than 10 – too lazy to check cos their server suck AS WELL) considering Phuket has also sort of lost it attraction due to the ever geng tsunami. And they wonder why Air Asia is doing better. I used to think Air Asia is sooooo over-rated but as from today, they totally pawn MAS gao gao!

So just to prove my point, on my quest to 80. Who wanna be my first one?

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Chian Ur poisoned ME!!!!!!!!! T-T Sighhhs.. Offered me a milo, then drank half way, urk, felt some wrenching sensation on my tummy. Like someone’s literally squeezing them and occasionally, a few stabs here and there. Why o why laaaa Chian?? How could you put me through THIS??!!!! Sob sob sob. Pain. Damn pain. Freaking painnnnn. Chocolate din help. Heat din help. Light rub din help at all. Sob again. It’s time like this I absolutely HATE being a girl. If only I was born a boy T-T… Totally messed up my plan to finish mock paper. Talking bout that, anyone willing to share their answers? I’m kind of unsure of mine. Looks wrong. Especially PBL part. Hmmm… Thank you very much in advance. Hope the pain goes away tomolo. I still need to prepare more lehhh. Exam starts on Thursday. ^^ I’m gonna PASS!!!! Right? Err…. right….

Pray for me please.

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The beginning

s0hMood > *study, not study, study, not study…*

Exam starts tomorrow for some (eg Chian, my bro, errrr Chian’s friends) so, GOOD LUCK ya!! All the best and remember to chia me if you did well because obviously, my wish got YOU through. Heheheeee.

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