Why can’t I just bloody study?

s0hMood > *discouraged*

This is like the nth post for the week I swear. Why am I blogging so much atm? My exams aren’t even here yet and I’m already wasting a whole lot of time. Shiatz. 99.99% of the students have already started mugging their books and I’m still boh boh liao liao sitting in front of the comp, clicking into blogs that I have already read, checking emails for countless times and picking up convo in msn which ultimately ended up with – go and study la u. -.-” Yor why like that? So while watching Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy, I rearranged all my freaking notes so that I can start studying later. Caught the last minutes of Rove Live (absolutely hilarious) and start staring at my first DCP notes. Overview of caries or something. Great, just great. I cannot even handle a single slide and here I am, no longer holding the stack of notes, no longer attempting to read it. I’m doomed. Am I like the only one who hasn’t start? And while I vowed to definitely start studying tomorrow, I doubt that will happen because I’ve been sleeping in till 2 sometimes. Crazy eh. So then I thought, okay I’ll go to the library with Viv. Which means I HAVE to wake up and be there by 10 to study. But after taking a glimpse at the weather forecast, I’m not so sure of stepping out to the cold, wet and harsh days ahead. This whole freaking week has a maximum of maybe 16 degrees and minimum of 5. I’m so not prepared for all this shit. Study is hard and having to do it when it’s cold is just a total bitch. Long sighhhhh…


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