Having a bad day week

s0hMood > *cough, cough*

Been having bad dreams lately. What does it mean ah? Some sort of omen? Hmm. I hope it says, now that the bad things have gone, good ones will be next.

Planned to wake up early. Didn’t happen. Planned to study. Didn’t happen. Planned to not blog. So didn’t happen.

I think I’m falling sick. -.-” Ever since that night in Church, I’ve been getting dry throat in the mornings. Must be the champagne that I skulled with them to pass 2nd year in ’07. But it was so diluted leh. Prolly because I’m dehydrated due to my excessive despise of water and alcohol makes it worst. Now who says blogs are useless? You are learning BIO in s0hp0h.blogspot right this moment. My coughing reflex has been active this whole morning. Sigh. I don’t wanna be sick during study week. T-T. Should take some tablets later cos that Scott’s fish oil/syrup is not working.

Plan to surf the net a while longer, do my laundry and then back to some BIO notes. Good thing I’ve started looking at those bloody long case notes for the coming exam. But started is the ONLY thing I did. Really need to go to the library tomorrow and seriously STUDY for s0hp0h’s OWN sake. I hate blogging during exam period. It’s always about me not studying. Are you tired of me not studying yet? Trust me, I’ll do try whatever I can to not let u see that sentence again. We’ll see if it happens according to my plan this time. Oh, also no blogging for at least today. Unless if I finish my daily dose of studying la. Good luck everyone!~


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