What study DOES to u II

sohMood > *Up, up, UP we go*

Intensive studying really does get into people doesn’t it? Even the most studious ones are affected…

And so I said I was sick. Well I still am. Till the extent I cannot differentiate 06 and 07. Took some pills yesterday and woke up this morning after wondering the whole night, was the expiry date JULY 06 or 07? Thought to myself, I’ve already check, HAS TO BE effing 07 la right? If not I suka suka eat expired stuff o? Medication summore, can die u noe? So went to check and u prolly already guessed it. 06. I’ve consume pills that are ONE YEAR old. Ok, 11 months you say, but shit la, no big difference k. Diaoz. Such a good situation to use this phrase that I saw in the library toilet on lower 3 floor, 1st cubicle, “Deluded Fuck”. Am I? Oh God NO!

p/s I’ve been studying. Yay!~


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