Gaying into Trouble

ZOMFG. Friends and pals and mates and buddies, honestly, does this picture below (captured in Church when most of us were all smashed) suggest any trace of homosexuality to you????? Controversial picture?????????????

I actually blocked my mom (as below: Sylvia) in MSN for the past few days because my MSN nick was something like “I don’t wanna phail 2nd year” and knowing her, if she read something like that, she would be all worried. This morning, I changed the MSN nick, unblocked her and this is what happened. -_-“”

Anyway, I’ve blocked her again. Do you how stressed out a person I am????????????? I am hiding so many fucking secrets from them!!!! Like…

1. I’m gay.
2. I had a girlfriend.
3. I was intimate with my girlfriend.
4. I failed my lab. (yet to tell them…)
5. I find dentistry hard. (Of course, I didn’t tell them)

I just want to be an ordinary person. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? Is it so hard to be me??????

p.s. I’ve blocked my mom on msn again.


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