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So the last time I blogged properly was 8th of June. Hmm, only four days ago. Amazingly it felt like forever. The fact is that I’ve been onlining constantly everyday for few years now that a single day without internet just feels like I haven’t been connected for a week or so. The thing is, everything is so high tech nowadays so I really can’t blame myself for being so hooked to the net. You don’t write letter anymore. You email. You don’t phone/talk to people anymore. You msn. You don’t send cards anymore. You e-card. You don’t play with cards anymore. You free cell/spider solitaire. You don’t poke to annoy people anymore. You *nudge*!! You don’t socialise anymore. You forum. You don’t play hide and seek anymore. You Maple. Heck, some people don’t even make pen notes anymore. They type as the lecture progressed into their Apples *cough cough Connor cough cough*. The worst though is reserved for Maths. You don’t calculate anymore. You calculator! *cough cough s0hp0h cough cough*

As u can read from the title, clearly, I’ve digressed yet again from my original blogging purpose. So talking bout studying, mine has been OK so far. I am definitely doing better at this point than where I was last year. I’m studying. Though not much, at least I am la ok? Better than not studying maaaaaaaa. No? Bah, I’m satisfied d and that’s all that counts right? Heheheee. Oh, I discovered that I study most efficiently on bed. It’s like my brain just turns on during that time. Maybe because she (well, I’m a she so my brain must be a she la duhh) knows she’s finally getting some rest after long day of cramping and gets sibeh excited till I decided to stuff more things in. Or maybe it’s because she’s excited that I’m finally gonna do something useful with her instead of lazing around whole day, wasting time on just 1 set of lecture notes. Sighs. As I have always ended my posts (lately), I better go get some studying done before sleep. Nitexxxx.

p/s Just a ques: Why can’t we apply unfilled resin/adhesive/bond on top of GIC intended for fissure protection when an operculum is found of the tooth?

My take: Unfilled resin is sort of toxic to soft tissues, eg. we have to line dentine before CR to avoid pulp toxicity. And from one lecture notes, I jotted down CR restorations below cervical margin is not desirable because root contains high amount of moisture. Can it also be from the reason I mentioned above? Someone please tell me! I’m too lazy to post in anonymous-dominated discussion board.


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    lydia said,

    dentine is lined not because unfilled resin is toxic, but because the temperature-expansion coefficient for CR is similar to enamel but not dentine. and also because when the dentine depth increases, the collagen decreases. unfilled resin depends on collagen to bond to dentine.

    i don’t understand your question though. what’s an operculum?

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    OOO… thanks a lot.. operculum is the gingiva tissue on top of partly erupted tooth..

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