Moon kena BOOM!!!

s0hMood > *I like the moon thank you very much!*

One fine night…

Nicky (10:08 PM) :

(s0hp0h looks up from lecture notes and goes HUH? Motion Chian to click anyway then leave the page to load) 5 minutes later….


s0hp0h read the news… HOLY MOLY? The moon is gone? Wtf wtf WTF?????!!! Ran towards the curtains and look out? Can’t see anything.. Ran frantically outside (freaking COLD sia – 9 degrees or so..) and search for the moon. Omg, why so dark one?? Cannot see the moon leh? Only some chapalang stars. Moon come out baaaaa. It’s unusual not being able to see the moon in Adelaide cos ozone layer gone liao ma, so can see everything in the sky very THE clear.


  1. Told cousin and cousin goes, nahhh, they can’t do THAT. -.-” The can do watever they want as far as I’m concern. And she read the news and go, “I don’t believe it”. Proceeds to search in internet, turn on TV to check.

  2. I’m xyn says (10:16 PM): the heck. the heck?! means moon gone or what?!

  3. -l- \^/ i l\l z says (10:26 PM): ahha. i know liao. fake sia *insert monkey laughing emo*. i was so shock when xy told me that. who e hell will want to bomb e moon. e moon is innocent.

  4. = wEi = said (10:32 PM): omg.. does that means we aren’t going to have moon anymore? =.= that’s not good.. i want the moon. i one moon *insert cry emo*

  5. wwh86 says (10:40 PM): ceh. bodoh betul. bodoh. swt. i go play fifa.

  6. tiny winny piggy (..( hiAnUr..) says (10:43 PM): eh means the moon still got anot. how come some say yes. some say no one. sure meh? go out and see. cos got one say. it’s impossible to alter the orbit. things like dat.
  7. [asma bobble] says (11:06 PM): whoa that serious. omg. serious. lol. thats weird! are u sure?
  8. ,.-~^Joseph^~-.,==YeW MiNg==正正常常の耀明 says (11:07 PM): huh.. but hard to believe wor. wei. when does this happen? cham lor.. then malays kenot celebrate hari raya ady lor.. chinese kenot celebrate mooncake festival ady
  9. cuppycake says (11:15 PM): wah. thats scary. haha.

I’m just so gullible. But lots of people are also maaa.. What a bad joke la really. And also wasted my one hour. I’m suppose to BE studying!!!!

p/s those who read the news correctly would have noticed it says part of the moon, not the WHOLE moon like I interpreted it.


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  1. 1

    Wai Luen said,

    Eh I oso kena con ok? lol, mine worse..I went to ur blog, saw the title, then scrolled down and saw the link and clicked it straightaway.I saw the news, and immediately knew that it was a prank. So I sent the link to my fren la, and she went ” HAR??? REALLY AR?? ” ….it was then that I went back to the news again, and that yahoo page looked sooooo authentic, I began to believe that it was for real, and scrambled to look outside for the moon -_-“”

    It was after I realised that I couldn’t click on any other links other than the moon-related topics that I realised I kena con.

    Wan to con ppl, but end up sendiri pun kena -_-“”””””

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    rofl.. actually i shud have check before physically checking whether the moon is there.. the thing is.. for some reason i reli kenot see the moon.. I was like holy.. the moon is gone.. to be honest i was slightly excited.. lol..

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