Am I stressssssed?

s0hMood > *cry*

There’s two more to go – 1 test and 1 exam. By Thursday afternoon, I’ll be officially exam-free. For six months. That’s just a few days away. Wo hooo! Yet it feels so far away. While part of me wanted to just get it over and DONE with, a small part of me really wanted to stretch the remaining 24 hours somewhat further. Sighs. Why is always Bio the last one? It’s so torturing. One would think Bio will be the least of a dental student’s worry. More relevant subjects like DHS and DCP would have a much bigger impact. At least it’s connected to Dentistry. Well Bio is connected, that’s unarguably true. But, why on earth is it so demanding? Ffs. It’s like the subject I fear the most. Think DCP. I think I somewhat blow that. Think DHS. I think I blew that majorly. Now Bio. My, I might even fail. Oh God please, not now!!!! Don’t turn away from me nowwwww. Though I’m not a Christian, nor am I any close to a devoted Buddhist. But, trust me, I do believe in God’s super powers. So it will be extra nice if you would just help me out, yet again, this time around. I’ll drop down to my knees and beg you 1000 times if I could. I’m despo. Like real despo. I am not anywhere near to the finish line. I started during SWOTVAC, a clear advantage when I finished half of it. But imagine my disappointment when I don’t even remember what I did. Have to read them all over again??? Sighs. I’m so not going to do that. And imagine my face after looking at the Bio past papers. Heck it was hard. And our case is so much longer than the previous exams. How to die la, you tell me????!!! A long night awaits me. And I’m already half asleep. My progress in Bio so far: Respiratory system – so so. Endocrine system – beginners. Renal and cardiac system – been there, done it but me brain contains nothing, absolutely cleared from me old memory. *Sobs uncontrollably*

p/s It’s not like a really sob la k. Just mentally sobbing sia. And perhaps my situation above is slightly exaggerated. But only slightly because sadly, 99.99999% of it is true. *pulls a face so long that my jaw is touching the floor*


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