The starting of my hard-earned holidays

s0hMood > *free*

My holiday plan:

  1. Sleep gao gao – approximately 12 hours a day. Still need to recover from the sleepless night before Bio exam.
  2. Look for a job – yeah, I almost forgot!
  3. Catch up with friends for some coffee or makan makan session.
  4. Er, study? Nah, scrap that out.
  5. Oh, prepare for next semester:
    • Iron my clinic and lab coats, bring those and my tools to my locker to avoid first day overload
    • Buy LA manual and do some LA reading (I’m kind of scared to have a 2nd year newbie jab a needle into me gums. I don’t have a needle phobia – but I think I’ll develop it soon enough, what do you say?). Having said that, I guess I should also prepare myself emotionally and physically to jab a needle into someone else’s gums ya.
    • Read up something on dissection? Why do they throw so many complicated stuff in second sem la. Prepare my mind to see dead bodies every Thursday morning. No breakfast for me!
    • Rearrange all my notes into order cos I clearly won’t be using them till maybe, end of next sem when exams come again. Unless if I failed this sem. *touch wood*

  6. Play some sport?
  7. Play The Sims 2.
  8. Get some good old dose of TV, series and movies.
  9. Of course, catch up some delayed blog entries. Sighs. And no, I’m not doing it now =P

The end.


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