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Meet the knocked up pair…

Saw the trailer and had some good feeling about it. Went to watch it today and man was it funny! Though I’m not familiar with most of the casts (usually this puts me off watching the movie – like Transformers), Katherine Heigl alone was adequate. She’s one of my favourite stars in Grey’s Anatomy, playing Izzy. It’s funny to see how she turned from the all too familiar surgeon persona to Alison, a first timer pregnant woman. I think she played the role very well – nice, temperamental (like soooo moody) and snappy. Not to mention that face she puts on during labour. Very convincing indeed though at some parts, the belly looks kind of fake.

Seth Rogen plays the man who ‘knocked up’ Alison and this is the first time I’ve seen him in anything really. Well, saw his interview in Rove and he was funny there. But in this film, he was really good! His character is a chubby drug user who’s interested in stars flashing their private parts. He’s ‘kind of’ unemployed and is obviously financially challenged, a marked contrast to Alison who holds a successful career. So when Alison got pregnant, this lazy dude has to bear some responsibilities which again, goes out of the window in no time. He’s just not the kind of guy u want to get pregnant with (eh, no discrimination k, just dat even their poster said so)

It is a funny tale about two very different people getting together and all the other characters were heaps entertaining. Every single one of them in fact has some sort of comedic touch to them, so you can imagine how much I laughed throughout the 2 hours of this movie.

This movie is erm, very very vulgar and obscene in many ways. You can expect some weed smoking, constant swearing, naked bodies and er, some very gross images. You’ll get my point when you watch it cos what I mentioned above does NO justice to what it really is. lol.

Oh, and there’s a lotttttt of guest appearances in this movie. Very funny ^^,

That’s it, I don’t want to write a long review because one, I didn’t really wanna blog in the first place, two, it’s not like a blockbuster so not many people noe this movie, and third, I’m watching Wimbledon men final (Federer, please win!!!!).



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