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Warning: Super long post…

Today was such a fruitful day. Though I woke up at midday. But went out right after that and meet up the rest in the city. We’re off to Harbour Town!! My first time! For next time sake (as in to remind me which bus to catch), we took the 110 bus. It took 45 minutes to get there. Such a looooong trip. But I think it’s worth every single second of it.

For those who don’t know, Harbour Town is a collection of a lot of direct factory outlets. Their brands range from ESPIRIT, Jayjay’s, ICE, Diana Ferrari, Joanne Mercer and a hell lot more. It’s really a shopping heaven with countless tops, bottoms, lingerie, flats, hellsheels, flats, boots, necklaces, earrings, watches, sunglasses, omg BAGS and haiyo, you get the picture la. They also have a range of food outlets to cure your hunger after long hours of retail therapy. What more can a shopaholic ask for really? Oh, CASH, that’s right.

But despite having seen so many items (really tempting), I did close to none injury to my wallet. Just bought two cloth bags, each 5 bucks nia, sooooooooo cheap right??? Can’t even get such good value in Malaysia~ I’m so happy, muahahaha. There are other stuff I wanted to get but din manage to. Maybe there’s too many choices. Maybe I’m just too picky. Should have got whatever that caught my eye. Nevermind, I’m so going back there during these holidays.

After that, we went back to the city, rest a while, grabbed McDonald’s. Then a group of us were off to a strip club. Yep, you see it right, a STRIP club. I’m sure most of you are familiar with this term la. Siapa yang tak tahu betul betul ulu laaaa. Since Google is so great nowadays, I won’t explain it la. Afterall, it’s not easy to explain. I wanna keep my blog er, G rated (general laa).

So it’s my first time going to such places. It’s our group’s first time as well. I’m such a good girl la, never even been to proper clubs in Malaysia. The closest I came across was Espanda, KL which was when Han and Gil was working at an event, hence our presence there. So back to the club, er, it wasn’t quite what I expected la.

First of all, lemme explain how we got in hor. We were quite paiseh since we’re all girls and we’re going to crash a female strip club la. I mean, how weird can this get? So we were waiting for a friend across the club and when she arrived, we were too embarrassed to cross the road to the club cos it sort of looked weird. So one suggested we walked down the road a bit then only cross and walk back up on the same row where the club is. So wu liao la. So okla, walk walk, then suddenly, passed the club d. I was like WTF-ish. I tot u guys are GOING in? Then we fiddled a bit then finally zoomed in when we saw another pair of girls going in, makes us sort of less scared ma.

So ok we’re in there and nothing was going on. The show haven’t start. We sat on a table er, I would say about 5 to 6 metres away from main stage. There’s like a small stage just next to our table with a pole in the middle. But it never clicked to us that some ‘action’ will be going on there. Nothing too extreme on the small stage la, just dancing nia. By the way, entrance is free. But you will need to order drinks la. Watched some strippers walked here and there, wearing quite little, er, some wore long translucent dress but tarak undies, while other wore lingerie nia. Eh, please don’t say I’m a pervert can? Girls looking at girls, nevermind la rightttt? Some are hot what. Though some are kind of er, cough cough, you fill in the blanks with ur own imagination la.

There was a prominent sign saying strictly no cameras and no videos. Make sense la, after people take d then setup their own disgusting porno site or upload to youtube for god knows what reason, then not very good la. So there’s some preview la, they play videos before the show start and you can see girls stripping lo. At first I thought their just gonna strip upper part. Lil did I know the bottom bit have to be taken off oso. Wahlao, the idea quite gross rightttt? But turns out I wasn’t too grossed out by it la. Maybe we were kind of far from the stage, so are forgiven from more detailed sights.

Because someone was dressed hot-ly, she manage to grab a lot of attention la. Then this random guy came over then talk talk talk (about why a group of girls will be in a female strip club and are we lesbian, like hell nooola) then encouraged + helped some other person to get a table lap dance, 30 bucks. So a stripper came over and start dancing and stripping to naked la. Luckily I sat opposite to that person, so hor, don’t really see what’s going on la. I just know lots of er, shoving and shaking and er, other stuff lo. Apparently you’re not allowed to touch the stripper. They will just use their watever to touch you but you cannot touch them wo. Wierd cause I swear I saw some pervert guy shoving money in a girl’s lingerie and purposely stay there very long to touch you know whatever part la. Chop their hands off, CHOP IT!!!

So after all that, we called it a night and here I am, back at home blogging la. 2 am liao. This will definitely be my first and last time to a strip club. SO if you happened to be my family or relative member, weh, don’t go tell my parents sia!! Not that they’ll scold me also la. Just I wanna remain a good image in their hearts. HAHA. And if you happened to be my KL friends, eh, please don’t sebar sebar to other people la, just our gang can d ba. You know la, Kuan “smoking” also kena ‘cheong’ until dunno how many thousand years, me going strip bar, can ‘cheong’ my whole life leh!! Please help me out here lol…

p/s Happy 21st Birthday Stephanie and Darryl!! Will do a proper post next time, which is, I dunno when…

pp/s lol, I just check out Perky’s account and my, our entries are so similar eventhough we wrote separately. I find it quite amusing… because clearly, my thinking and her thinking is very different one!!


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