Do not Read if you’re not over 18….

First and foremost, sorry s0hp0h but your blog is no longer rated G after this entry. LOL.

I don’t blog much anymore, but I had a memorable night in the strip club yesterday, that I must write it down here lest I would forget this first-time-experience-in-a-strip-club.

Anyway, I did not really enjoy the whole strip-club experience because:

  1. I was too tired from the trip to Harbour town.
  2. That fucking bus driver couldn’t drive at all and made me nauseous.
  3. I was having a throbbing headache the whole time in the strip club.
  4. I couldn’t even get drunk.

Two of the strippers are like so fucking hot. But the strip show itself is downright DISAPPOINTING. Yawn. Then we met this ‘random guy’ s0hp0h mentioned from Perth. He was like, “Hey do you mind me asking you guys a question? Do you understand English?” and “Why are you girls here? To pick up guys?” LOL. Then Jo said, no, just to keep a friend (ME) company. Then the guy was like “So the four of you are lesbians?” HAHAHAHAHA. That made me laugh so hard. Jo, s0hp0h and perky were all very disgusted by that thought I guess, and told the guy that I’m the only gay one among them. That the guy was like “Awesome!! My mom is gay too!!!” LOL. Yes indeed, he’s very interested in Jo. =p And he made me promise him not to let Jo hook up with any of his friends. -_-“”

Oh. I got my first ever lap dance/table dance. The strip girl was very…. busty and fleshy. It was kinda awkward all the time. Hmm. And she was like “Darling, just sit still and relax” and “Sweetie, are you ok?” LOL. Hmm.. Ok, she had piercings on her nipples. Oh. Hmmm Perky asked me to take off my glasses half way through the dance. Damn. I was blind as bat and I couldn’t see no shit. The strip girl did strip naked and she was hmm.. grinding her body against mine (a lot). Not fun. Not excited. Then she was like, held my head in between her.. bxxbs. WTF. They felt.. powdery. LOL. And… too soft to be real.

Ok. After the public dance, she convinced me to get a private dance (60 bux) FFS and haha.. if it was the strip-girl in pink, I would have gone straight away. We left soon after my lap dance because it was so fucking boring. So quiet in the club. zzz. While we were walking s0hp0h to the bus stop, there were 2 guys checking out Jo’s ass. LOL. WTF. PERVS! I’m glad I’m gay. -_-“

Anyway, thanks s0hp0h for coming to the strip club with us. Next week, we would go to Mars Bar – a gay bar. Please tag along as well. We’re gonna see drag queens. Weee. Bye.


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