Gan Bei!!~

s0hMood > *Tea* (shud reli drink more water)

Ever since I turned 18, have been drinking (alcohol) a bit. But once I turned 21, I’ve been drinking a lot! Actually not 21. more like since this year. Why ah? Let’s blame it all on the stress. Although I never drink when I’m stress or sad. It’s more like a celebration thing. I think because most people around me are legal adults liao *cough cough except Perky cough cough* (in M’sia standard), hence drinking become more popular? It also doesn’t help that alcohol is cheaper than soft drinks when you’re in clubs and bars. But then again, who drinks Coca Cola when they’re clubbing? Sounds so nerdy leh. So yea, this is a note to remind myself, try to refrain large consumptions of alcohol. Btw, this doesn’t mean I am drinking a LOT now la. Just more than usual. Don’t worry la, I *love* my liver a lot la, still need it for the next 70 years (if I live to 90 y.o).

Anyway, my holidays are finishing up soon and my results are not out yet. Really wanted to know how I went. Dunno what took the school so long to mark it. Tsk tsk tsk…

This is such a random post hor… The end!

p/s I used to think Tequila taste lemony, NOT!


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