The last of my holidays

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My holidays are wasting away unproductively and next week, I’ll be back in Uni, bombarded with loads of new stuff, outlined in point no 5 here. Sadly, I haven’t done any of those. I’ll be finally dropping the toolbox that has remain stagnant in my room since s0hp0h knows when tomorrow (Oh I did stick labels on it right after the exam ends).

It’s been so long since I last seen a pic in Btw, that’s the box, unmoved for a whole month and still couting…

Labels that ensure no one can steal my instruments and get away with it!!! (for the first few seconds because anyone with a working right mind will tear the label off ) What’s the use? I dunno…

You are now introduced to the multi-purpose disposable gloves, a dental student’s (maybe also dentist’s, who knows..) best friend (what very sad??? better than NO friends k). As you know, it’s used for protection/infection control. But it’s really really useful!!! I remember mentioning somewhere that Yinan taught me how to use it as a hair-tie (super useful!!). Behold…….

Gloves that I have stolen from clinic last year (and it’s still in my kit, they’re CLEAN la). Here you see it as balloons. Note: It’s something that most dental students experiment with during their lives in Dent School.

Can also act as stressball. Grrrr grrrrrr

Scalers: My least favourite tool – used to remove calculus on teeth, which can be a quite painful process lol, can be only, not always I assure you…

And I have indeed look at my LA manual, but found absolutely no interest in it, hence barely read it. I folded my clinic and lab coats right after I washed them, but I am yet to iron them. I shall just ignore that, throwing the need of professional behaviour out of the window. Maybe someone will be willing to help me gain that supposingly professional presentation back? *cough cough Chian cough cough*. Dissection, ah right. I did nothing. Okla, I’ll be buying the manuals tomorrow. Does that count? I doubt that I’ll read it before next week. Sighs.

I seriously have NO idea where my holidays went, what the heck did I do because I obviously didn’t get anything out of it. Except panda eyes and blotchy face due to altered sleeping patterns and some extra pounds, no thanks to the late hungry night snacks. Lastly, my notes, it’s just like how I left it after my last exam. Totally messed up.

Gosh, I seriously hate this procrastinating side of me. And I hate the ignorance in me even more. How can I just do nothing all day you asked? Well I did. All I did was waking up at 12 pm, then 1, then 2 (yes la, 2 laaaa). have brunch then online. My online activities include checking my exam results, read blogs and forums, chatting and most of all, crunchyroll-ing. Occasionally I blog. But that’s very rare as you can see (I’m so sorry that I still haven’t cough up the super delayed birthdays posts for sooo many friends…). After that, dinner will soon be ready. TV time comes right after dinner then I’ll go shower. Then back to onlining, up till sometime about now (3.07 am, sometimes 4). Sleep. And the cycle repeats itself. I always tell myself to wake up earlier the next day to readjust my sleeping time. I set 3 alarms to wake me up at 9 am, 10 and 12. None of that works. My God, I really cannot believe that’s all I did for the past few weeks. How sad is me life!!!!!

Ok, enough bout my life because it turns out like this almost every freaking single holiday I have here in Adelaide. Does that not tell you something? Just the other day, I was saying how I wished the airline Steph’s working for flies here. Then she said she can always come to visit me during holidays, i.e travelling. I said, that’s not worth it because I might end up bringing her to McD only (Read: Adelaide is THAT boring). Okla, maybe not that bad but, close ok, it’s close I tell ya.

What’s suppose to be a short entry turns out to be such a long draggy post. Sorry sia. If you read this entire post, up to this point without hopping/skimming, congratulations!!! You have just earn yourself the top spot in s0hp0h’s ‘blogging heart’.

p/s omgosh, 4 am liao, I have and NEED to wake up 10 tomolo. But my bed and covers are damn damn cold… *shiver*


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  1. 1

    wwh86 said,

    wasting ur life…hehehehe.. good good…i support u…

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    -.-“””””””” shud I thank you for ur undying support then?

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