So bored can die…

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I’m like bored to death right now. I have work to do, well, I always have work to do, just that I choose not to do them. I so wanted to blog. But I have no idea what to blog about since nothing has been happening recently. My first dissection lab is not worth mentioning since we haven’t get to cut the cadavers yet. That’s only going to happen next week.

Time has been passing kind of slow lately. Sien. I can’t wait to finish second year and go back to Malaysia. Hmmm.. Imagine being a 3rd year student. Half of the time is devoted to seeing patients. Real patients. With real intentions. I dunno whether that’s a good or a bad thing. I suppose it’s good that we will finally know how it’s like to be treating strangers, having to appear all professional and polite. But the bad thing is, what if they complain? And I’m certainly not a very good communicator. Like I’m not nice. And I just find it hard to strike up a convo with strangers without having awkward silent moments in between. Especially with weird people (maybe it’s me, not them lol). I can only go, umm, yeah with a fake smile. So if you catch me doing that to you, haha, you get the idea!


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    passerby said,

    I heard that Adelaide Dental students see patients in their first year and do their first extraction in their first year too. Is that true at all?

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    dear passerby,

    No, that is a big fat lie.. lol.. We get to see patients yes, but they are played by our fellow coursemates.. In second year though, you get to have friends or family members as the patient..

    I haven’t do any extractions up to now (half way of 2nd year).. So that’s another lie…

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