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Another random post

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Have a test on Thurs and I don’t even know where to start. Omg omg OMG – I’m so so soooo screwed.

There’s this baby who came to stay for a few weeks. He’s not afraid of strangers, in fact, I thinnk he’s quite amused and curious to see them *tsk tsk tsk*. He dribbles a lot and I mean, A LOT – he’s probably teething (really? Ok, I should know better right? *shrugs*). Anyway, all that matters is he’s super duper hyper cute, though he’s kind of fat. But then again, that’s why he’s cute – skinny baby usually look disgusting.


Cute boh????

p/s Made it small and with watermark to prevent plagiarisism because you never know when some people will go submit them to ‘Cutest Baby Contest’ or whatever and won, then I mah very rugi! LOL.


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First F&F patient

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This week, I’d seen my first ‘friends and family’ patient. It’s my first non-dental patient. All this while, we practise clinical work on each other and though we do get lots of free procedures done, I won’t exactly say it’s fun. Well, I have to admit the experiences are pretty valuable because through that, I know how it feels like to get my teeth scaled, an impression taken, getting a fluoride treatment and injections on the palate and through layers and layers of tissue – be it good or bad. While a good experience helps a lot, bad ones aren’t necessary all bad because as a patient, you then realise what a pain in the ass it is to get an insensitive dentist, which is what we all dent students should try to avoid.

My experimental guinea pig

Chian Ur is my first patient. At first I thought it will be kind of awkward as we are told to be professional. Don’t know about the rest, but I thought I’ll put on a really big act – try to be like extra polite to the patient, communicate a lot etc. But as the procedure starts, it flows so well that I surprised myself. Words came out so naturally and I just could not believe it. And all this while I thought I’m kind of a shit communicator. With that being said though, it’s not to say I’m totally brilliant either. I’m just okay la – did better than I expected and my patient claimed the experience was better than she expected too (and I wonder what was SHE expecting. Maybe a jab here and there?). There’s still lots of room for improvement and I know it very well. Just hope I can learn as much as I can before seeing real patients (as in strangers who genuinely come in for check-up or treatment).

The setting: Dental Hospital

So first of all, I have to ask her a few questions then proceed to checking her extraoral features. I was to palpate her facial features to check for any abnormalities la. I reached just under the chin around the neck region to check the submandibular lymph nodes. My patient suddenly jumps up lightly, shrieking sharply and shocked me in the process. Praise the lord I wasn’t holding any sharp instruments. So I laughed it off and proceed again and I was barely touching the skin, didn’t even get to feel anything, she cried ahhh and pushed my hands away. My tutor eyed me suspiciously. Chian, you wanna ‘hoi’ me is it???? Tsk tsk tsk. So I kept touching it again and again. Lol.

Chian’s radiopraghs

After like 20 minutes or so, I finally completed the long process of checking her teeth, which would have cost 50 bucks, you ungrateful Chian =). She has 8(s) so I suggested to take some bitewings. And so I did took 4. It’s my first time taking radiographs on a real person. Ever. It hurts a little. Chian laa, she has shallow palate and the film doesn’t fit nicely. Lol. Yala yala, my technique is bad. My first time maaa, what do you expect wor? And again, it would have cost you more money. Since it’s free, you have to compromise the quality a bit la. It sounds like my patient is quite difficult eh? Haha, actually no la, she’s a very good patient. Thank you so much for lending me your mouth. You sacrifice it for the sake of my knowledge. Wahh, super ‘wai dai’. Such a big heart horrr… Actually I bet she just want to get free treatment *grins*. So I scheduled her for more treatment and we’ll see how it goes next time around.

Yinan, Jovi and me

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Retail therapy

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I’m a big fan of window shopping. Unlike some people who shop for the sake of buying, I’m greatly satisfied by simply browsing all the pretty stuff on display. As much as I like splurging on these material possessions, I always try to refrain myself from spending excessively. The thing is, I often make unnecessary purchases and note, these are predominantly made when I was buying a single item. Surprisingly enough, the stuff I bought during a shopping spree usually comes in handy at some point. But then again, I only go for a spree after some long thoughts on what I wanted, and that the wishlist has accumulated to the point that I feel so incomplete where any attempt to conserve my wallet becomes dead straight useless.

Recently, I came across this Singapore based online shopping site from It’s called PaperGirlsShop and I swear, they sell like the nicest thing ever. Stuff that I never seemed to have come across before in the usual retail outlets. They’re so pretty!! Pretty!! PRETTY!!!! (I wrote it so many times that I’m questioning the spelling) It’s unfortunate that I’m very cautious with online shopping because of the associated risks – monetary aspect and ill-fitting clothes. I much rather go into a ‘real’ shop and have a deep look at the piece of clothing. But they’re so soooo pretty!! I’m losing control… *gazes yearningly at the super cute top* Lucky for me they don’t sell the modelled accessories because I heart hearttt them alot (FYI I totally hate the expression ‘heart’, yes, that’s just HOW much I ‘heart’ them!!)

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I feel so disturbed and bothered right now. Sighs. Why does life has to be so hard? Ok, I have no right to complain because I know there are millions who have problems a thousand times worst than mine. But but… haihhhhh – I never asked for much. I just want to be happy and is that too much to ask? Ah nevermind, I’ll fight for it myself..

Don’t bother asking me what it is about – er, it’s my burden to bear ^^ (POTC3, 2007), just know it’s nothing to do with you guys here and certainly has nothing to do with ghosts, thank you very much~ So don’t have to go beat around the bush wondering the cause. It’s definitely not you!

Don’t worry about me because I’m such an optimist I scare myself sometimes. Tomorrow’s always going to be a better day~~

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Spooky talk

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So do you believe in ghosts? I do. Allow me to kindly remind you that tomorrow’s the starting of the Ghost month aka Hungry Ghost Festival aka Guai Jit. On this month, we Chinese are often advised to not go out after sunset and before sunrise as that’s the time when ghosts/spirits/souls like to lurk around for God knows what reason. Not sure if anyone follows that. I don’t because I’m not usually aware of the arrival of the month until when the main day, 14th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar’s passed. The only reason I found out so early this time was this.

Now that I know it’s here, I might just be a lil bit extra cautious. But I can’t help it though, my classes end late. The good thing of being in Australia though, is that I feel there aren’t Chinese ghosts here. Because this land’s crowded with angmohs, especially in Adelaide where Chinese are only a tiny tiny part of the small population. And what I know is, Hungry Ghost Festival only involves Chinese Guai, no invitations for ghosts from other races, right? Plus there isn’t anything here besides my own imagination to trip me over the edge. No one burns joss sticks in the middle of the night by the road. No plate of food can be seen placed to worship the dead. No scattered hell notes or colourful papers can be spotted. No extravagant opera performances to an ’empty’ audience are held. You’ll be lucky to even see people hanging pictures of their ancestors at home.

But this doesn’t stop the coward in me to freak out at any weird shadows glimpsed by the corner of my eye. I don’t know what it is, perhaps curiosity, but something just always make me turn my head with wide open pupils to see what exactly is that weird shadow. I guess it’s an act to reassure myself that its nothing. It’s just a reflection of other objects. It’s just the movement of the blinds. It’s just – well, nothing. Then comes the sigh of relief and my heart stops beating at abnormal speed.

I just hope that I’ll never ever see them because I really don’t know what to do. They say ghosts can be scared off with foul language. Not sure how true is that but I think by the time I figured out it is one, I will probably be so gobsmacked that spoken words will fail to make any sound. It’ll be stuck on my throat, choking on every breath I take. Yer, I sincerely hope/wish/pray I’ll NEVER EVER see one. My lucky charm (blessed yellow paper – what is it called ar?) – I’m counting on you to work k!

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Losing sensation

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Three hours before this, I was injected with the ever-so-dreadful injection beside a big big nerve trunk. It wasn’t as painful as I expected it to be, all thanks to Jovina. I was left numb, not being able to even speak properly. At one point, I was drooling too. I was constantly checking with people around me whether my mouth’s bleeding because I would have no bloody idea if I bit on my lips, cheek and even tongue. Yea, that’s how NUMB I was…

I can finally feel the left side of my mouth and lower teeth – it’s amazing how we often take things for granted…

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Doughnuts, mmmmmmmmmm~

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It’s the starting of the week and already, I’m dreading for it to end. Sighs. Have a long week ahead. Long day tomorrow. Long lectures with boring contents. Long lab session with complicated restorative procedures. Long clinic session with sibeh pain LA injections. May I say again, “Don’t I just loveeeee the school to bits”. I want my holidays!!!!! T-T

Oh, I’ve just discovered the best doughnut in Adelaide, no, Australia, no wait, the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! They’re like soooo damn good. Seriously. Everyone who have tried it said it’s blardy yummy. And it’s true. I have yet to try the infamous Krispy Kreme, eh actually I have and from that very distant memory, they weren’t that great to be honest horrr. But that was like last year, maybe this year, er I seriously don’t remember since it was a rather insignificant event la. Anyway, Gourmet Glaze doughnuts are super duper delicious. So good that I’ve been having them 3 times over the past 5 days. Extreme boh?

Don’t know why all of a sudden I am goo goo ga ga-ing over round bread with icing. Might be because of this and this. Wanna talk bout doughnuts then talk la, why post those doughnut-crave-inducing pics. Actually the biggest fault has gotta be the hype over the yellow family. Stupid Homer Simpson. Like him constantly eating doughnuts on screen is not enough, have to put a bloody pink glazed one in the movie banner. And the next thing you know, it’s haunting me everywhere. The worst bit is the doughnut was actually bitten once. Grrrrrr…

Anyway la, their doughnuts are real nice so do try because there’s no Krispy Kreme in Adelaide unfortunately, so Gourmet Glaze (in City Cross) is the next best thing liao. Obviously in my opinion, GG pawns KK gao gao la, but I will need to have a serious bite on KK to tell. So until I get the chance hor, GG doughnuts are the nicest, bestest and most deliciousest in the world. Need I say more? ^^

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