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Had a really brief CPR workshop today. A group of 20 students have to learn giving CPR in 45 minutes.

So first, you have to attach a ‘face’ to the dummy.

The ‘face’ looking sibeh freaky…

Then you give 2 soft breaths to the dummy, making sure your mouth has a good seal on the dummy’s mouth – hence no air can escape from the sides.

Harold kissing saving the fainted dummy..

After 2 breaths, you have to compress the dummy’s chest for 30 times at 2 compressions per second. It’s quite tiring.

Sharmaine compressing the dummy..

Then you have to repeat the process again. Each of us get one go at the dummy. (And we DID wash the ‘faces’ in between attempts ok) I sure hope I won’t need to do this on future patients.

p/s OMG, I just realise I deleted this picture of Xyn giving the dummy a ‘Spiderman-MJ kiss’. Sighs. So stupid!!!! Note to self: DO NOT multi-task!

pp/s Please do not try this at home.


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