Retail therapy

s0hMood > *suang* (A day off tomorrow, yea baby!!)

I’m a big fan of window shopping. Unlike some people who shop for the sake of buying, I’m greatly satisfied by simply browsing all the pretty stuff on display. As much as I like splurging on these material possessions, I always try to refrain myself from spending excessively. The thing is, I often make unnecessary purchases and note, these are predominantly made when I was buying a single item. Surprisingly enough, the stuff I bought during a shopping spree usually comes in handy at some point. But then again, I only go for a spree after some long thoughts on what I wanted, and that the wishlist has accumulated to the point that I feel so incomplete where any attempt to conserve my wallet becomes dead straight useless.

Recently, I came across this Singapore based online shopping site from It’s called PaperGirlsShop and I swear, they sell like the nicest thing ever. Stuff that I never seemed to have come across before in the usual retail outlets. They’re so pretty!! Pretty!! PRETTY!!!! (I wrote it so many times that I’m questioning the spelling) It’s unfortunate that I’m very cautious with online shopping because of the associated risks – monetary aspect and ill-fitting clothes. I much rather go into a ‘real’ shop and have a deep look at the piece of clothing. But they’re so soooo pretty!! I’m losing control… *gazes yearningly at the super cute top* Lucky for me they don’t sell the modelled accessories because I heart hearttt them alot (FYI I totally hate the expression ‘heart’, yes, that’s just HOW much I ‘heart’ them!!)


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