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End of holidays update

s0hMood > *tired* (my biological clock is so screwed up it’s not funny)

I actually considered myself quite hardworking as a blogger, and yet, Chian was grumbling on about my lack of updates. I mean how much does a blogger has to blog? I just updated days ago!!! Unlike some people *cough cough Xyn cough cough*. Anyway, tomorrow marks the end of my holidays. The good thing is, this time around I’m not dreading the early cold bus rides to Uni. In fact, I’m actually looking forward to attending classes, labs and clinics this term. Four weeks. Just four more weeks I’ll be done for the year. Well not exactly done, exams are next, but you get my point.

I’ve actually achieved more this holidays than any other holidays. For the first time in my life, I actually did some stuff related to Uni. Previously, work for me is just like any other routine and it’s for a good cause – earning money. Homework or studying is a totally different matter. You not only pay to study, the amount you learn depends on you and only you. That’s why studying sucks. But anyone from the work force will tell you otherwise – working is so overrated. Despite all that, I still think I’ll prefer working life over study any day. I think. Because I’m not so sure how a real dentist works. Do they go to work everyday praying they won’t screw up and when they did screw up, do they pray the patient will be extra forgiving to not seek legal advice? Just curious. I guess I’ll find out soon enough when I step into 3rd year (will I? I better!!!).

So I manage to finish my occlusion assignment days ago. I’m so proud of myself eventhough it’s an easy assignment, two pages long with dot points and worth nothing. But as always, it’s a requirement to pass this assignment in order to pass the hugeass subject. It’s so funny when something so little can alter what you’ve done for the whole year – all those clinics, labs and exams. I really wonder if they’ll fail a student who did consistently well and yet didn’t obtain a satisfactory grade for the assignment. But it doesn’t make sense for a good student to flop such an easy assignment (when compared to others). Are they even capable of failing? But then again, idiocy has no boundaries.

Back to the subject, my assignment. I am proud because this is the first time in my life that I’ve finished an assignment way before it’s due date. Starting the assignment early is what I’ve always done. But finishing it early is a completely different story. No matter how much I’ve done (usually very very little), somehow, I always end up finishing an assignment a day before, if not on the day itself when it’s due. It’s bad, but it’s in me. All these years. Now do you get why I’m so proud? No? Nevermind, you just have to know I pleased myself with even the slightest thing.

Now I say I achieved more. So what exactly is more? It’s rather embarrassing because the ‘more’ stated doesn’t truly reflect the amount I’ve done. I only manage to finish the assignment, and study some of the neuro pathways. Lol. Please pick up your lower jaw, it is shocking I know, don’t rub it in laaa. Sighs. Still, it’s undeniable that I DID achieve more because I don’t remember any single holiday that has been more productive than this. It is worth celebrating, personally ^^. Hope you guys have had a nice holiday too…


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Nana the movie

s0hng > Yuna Ito (aka Reira in Nana the movie) – Endless Story


If you haven’t changed your mind
Soba ni ite hoshii yo Tonight

Tsuyogaru koto ni tsukareta no
Osana sugita no Everytime I think about you baby
Ima nara ieru I miss you
It’s so hard to say I’m sorry

Tatoeba dare ka no tame ja naku anata no tame ni
Utaitai kono uta wo
Owara nai story tsuduku kono kagayaki ni
Always tsutaetai zutto eien ni

Memories of our time together
Kesa nai de kono mama don’t go away

Atatakaku toke dashite tashikameru no
Yasashisa no shizuku kono mune ni hirogatteku
Setsu nai hodo ni I’m missing you
Kasaneta te hanasa naide

Tatoeba kanau nara mou ichido anata no tame ni
Utai tai kono uta wo
Owara nai story taemanai itoshisa de
tell me why oshiete yo zutto eien ni

The main activity these holidays (besides sleeping 12 hours a day) has been crunchyroll-ing. Their videos stream very quickly and are often subbed – pure heaven for a banana and youtube hater like me. After hearing a lot of hype on Nana the movie, me and my roomie decided to give it a go (I do realise we’re very outdated, there’s absolutely no need to remind me that). Everyone has been commenting how niceeee the movie was, and naturally, I placed rather high hopes on the movie.

It is one of those movies with an interesting opening and grabbed my attention instantly. It shows how two 20 year olds with contrasting personalities meet by chance in a train ride to Tokyo. Coincidentally, they both have the same name, Nana (n0 7 in Jap). These two girls, also by chance, happened to rent the same apartment numbered 707. It’s as if I was watching some horror flick, lol. Anyway, Chian led me to believe they’re lost sisters and so I thought there must be some big twist in the end or something. My anticipations were high.

In addition to that, a first person narration by one of the Nana(s) is used throughout the film, and so I thought, maybe the other Nana’s going to have a tragic end. Or at least some sort of significant event, say she attempted suicide or something since her character’s protrayed as a really lonely and pessimistic punk rocker. Those who have watched it (or read the manga) knows that this obviously didn’t happened. Was I thinking too much? No. It’s normal expectations that viewers should have okay!

Anyway, as I’d soon to realise, the long and massive build up of plot has led to nowhere, the movie ended abruptly. So abruptly that I cried WTF out loud. While I cannot say they left a clift hanger (there really wasn’t one), they sure did cut it off at the wrong point! I have like no idea what the ending was. I felt so incomplete The movie is so INCOMPLETE. Apparently it was just suppose to be about their beautiful friendship. Whateverrrr…. It’s no wonder the second movie didn’t fare well, especially when some of the main roles weren’t even reprised by the same actors. Such a let down because overall, the movie is good – but could have been much much better.

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It’s 8月15

s0hMood > *中秋節快樂*

Happy Mid-Autumn aka Mooncake Festival everyone. It’s the time of the year where most of us gain extra pounds from the ever fattening yet so festive round delicacies. I was never a big fan of mooncakes. Not even now. But eating it this particular day does feel sort of nice and special – despite having not seen a single lit lantern around (for the past 4 years). Mooncakes in Adelaide are extremely pricey. Stole a glance from one of the grocery stores in China Town the other day and that ugly looking brownish object costs AUD7 each. That was the cheapest I can find and my God it looks bad. It’s brownier than the usual ones, with a black tinge even. And it has such a shiny coating – there is no doubt it was immersed in like a gazillion tonne of oil before packed. I might as well just buy myself some red bean paste and gulped it down with cooking OIL.

Lucky enough for me, a relative recently bought lots of them from Malaysia. Unfortunately, none of them contain yolks due to the tough quarantine laws in Aussieland. Sighs – eating mooncakes without egg yolk is no different to the red bean paste and oil combination. But like I say, I’m not a big fan of mooncakes so I’m over it already. Besides, there’s always another round delicacy that in my opinion pawns mooncakes gao gao. Perhaps I will really sell my soul for one of those delicious rings as ‘accused’ by my Facebook friends.

“Mmmm, doughnuts…..” Homer Simpson

The initial plan was to go Karaoke and celebrate Mooncake Festival together-gather. Lucky enough for us me, it didn’t happen (went yesterday instead) because or else, Xyn will be singing 月亮代表我的心, 白月光 or even 床前明月光 (wtf is this??!!!). Anyway, have a very brown and round mooncake festival everyone!!~

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Holiday update

s0hMood > *suang*

Gosh, one week of my holidays have passed. No!! That means I only have another meagre week left. Sob sob. I love love love my holidays… Though I spent half of the time sleeping, that doesn’t mean I don’t cherish them. It’s just my own way of getting through holidays. And my holiday plans have indeed crossed my mind a hundred times (at least), but my attempts were futile. S0hp0h s0hp0h, this is simply not GOOD enough *pinches self*.

But don’t shake your heads yet, I did attempt leh. That deserves some sort of recognition right? I am half way through my occlusion assignment and I will definitely finish it before school reopens because it’s due then. And my plans to study some neuroanatomy did kick a start – I learnt to draw the cross section of spinal cord with gracile fasciculus, dorsal spinocerebellar tract and lateral spinothalamic tract *rubs own head*. Great achievement okay!!! *pats own back*

Poor Prof G for having such a lazy student who constantly justifies her procrastination. Will also probably be vomiting blood knowing his student just learned that one mediocre page of lectures bound to be read ages ago – Ha, and I’m seeing patients next year. If this doesn’t scare off you or those friends of mine seeking for free treatment, I don’t know what will. For those not looking for free/discounted treatments, don’t worry, I’ll know them all by week 12 all thanks to another anatomy test – so please keep your blind faith in me =P. Though I would have probably forgotten them all by the time I grad. But don’t fret, I’ll have a piece of glamorised paper saying I’m totally qualified.

I am will be qualified la, I get lots of training okay?

Back to holidays, I went to Harbour Town with Chian, Xyn and YY yesterday. Manage to get a pair of formal pants for AUD5. Yes, you read it right, AUD5!!!!! I feel so proud of myself. Yala yala, I’m such a sucker for cheap stuff. Sometimes it really makes me wonder if I buy them because I need them or just to satisfy the cheapskate in me. Whatever it is, I now have a 5 bucks top, 5 bucks bags, 5 bucks shoes and yehaaa, 5 bucks pants *chuckles*. Omg, all are purchases made in Harbour. You think the items probably look like shit, but no, they’re actually quite nice. Just heavily discounted stuff because they need to somehow get rid of the stocks right? All these came in from the shelves of their main outlets in the city.

Anyway, Xyn has beaten Han’s record. Han got a AUD3 knit top during our last trip there. This time around, Xyn bought a formal/not T-shirt top for – *drum rolls* AUD2!!! Freaking 2 bucks. The same amount can only get me a single bus trip to the city. Talk about hot bargain! And it’s claimed to be for her mum. Tsk tsk tsk, who says daughters are better than sons? Cikgu Aw (correct me if I’m wrong Xyn) must be so touched knowing her dear daughter is handling money so well. Xyn’s now the ultimate cheapskate. Muahahahhaha. Oh and I got a bracelet for AUD1. There are lots and lots of jewellery and bags selling for AUD1, but they aren’t all that nice – what a shame =(

Lastly, I know this is sooo overdue, but I was too lazy to upload any pics. So just pretend like it just happened la ok, winter’s over. Finally. Aloha spring!!~

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What if?

s0hMood > *thinking* (ignore the chinese letter hor..)

Finish watching Silence. My second time – never thought I would rewatched this series. Too bored. For those who don’t know, Silence is a drama featuring a guy with terminal stage cancer and has only 3 more months to live. While it is not anywhere near as sad as One Litre of Tears – it never fails to sadden me, knowing all too well that this portrayal can very well be related to someone in reality. And it’s even sadder to note the ‘anticipation’ of death’s arrival and how their days are numbered without truly knowing when they’re leaving. My only console is that at least they know they are leaving.

Someone once asked me, would I rather die suddenly or would I rather find out that I am dying? My answer was clear – to know when I’ll die. Even though that means I’ll be freaking out, counting frantically for the remaining days I have. Even though that means I’ll be in tears knowing that death is upon me. Because I want to be prepared. I want people around me to be prepared. I don’t want to leave without saying goodbye. Without telling my family how much I love them and I’ll trade in whatever I have just to be with them again in next life (if there is next life). And certainly not without having ‘completed’ my life and purpose on earth.

The character in the drama asked, “If tomorrow is Judgement Day, what will you want to do most?” I thought to myself and came into the conclusion that I’ll probably just continue living like normal because all of us will die together anyway so it doesn’t really matter. But what if tomorrow is the last day of your life? The one thing I want to do the most is to be with my family. I guess it’s kind of true that they say Cancerians are homies. Will I want to tick off the ’10 things you must do before you die’ list? Of course yes. But it doesn’t matter. Right upto this point of my life, while I haven’t been given all I wanted, I really have had what I needed. I am extra grateful for what I have achieved in life so far and if this is the end, then so be it – it’s entirely up to my destiny. I have been leading a very happy and fulfilling life – there’s small bumps here and there but definitely no regrets.

I’m the kind of person who will never commit suicide (unless under very very unusual circumstances) because what else can be worst than not being able to open your eyes and breath life tomorrow? Yes, tomorrow can be painful but if only you know how many people in the world would be willing to trade that one chance with you. If only.

Anyway, this post is directed towards nobody but myself, so don’t panic. And wtf, please don’t think that something has happened to me ok *touch WOOD* – I’m very well thank you. Was just thinking a lot. If you still haven’t get the vibe, I love me life very very much and I sincerely hope you do too ^^,

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Holidays, holidays..

s0hMood > *Celebrations*

Hip hip hurray, I’m drowning myself in holidays!!! After eight long weeks (odd term of the year – usually only 6 weeks, but that just means next term I only have 4 weeks), ah, finally – no more patients, no more restorations, no more dissection and no more trying to learn those neuro pathways (not that I learnt it anyway) for a good old two weeks. Okla, I shouldn’t be complaining because I do realise out of some dental curriculum, it seems like I have the most holidays. Okay okay, not seems like, is I DO have the most holiday, can bohhh? After hearing how long NUS terms are, I’m thank God a million times that I am where I am now. Not that I applied NUS. But but… we are all doing the same course, getting the same degree, so the fact that we have so different curriculum irks me to bits.

Let me say this again, I’m NOT complaining hor. At least I don’t have 9/10 week terms like NUS. At least I don’t have hard core theory-bombarding 1st/2nd year like HK. At least I still have four months of holidays annually. I admit I turned green in envy when others get five months *cough cough Chian cough cough* while mine is cruelly cut short due to preclinical sessions. Hope it’s not one of those lousy orientations cum useless preliminary stuff, which never failed to coax me back here in time every year. Damn I want my Chinese New year!!! My angpows, my cookies, my ‘ba gua’ and my firecrackers!! Fat chance now that my year starts earlier and earlier each year. It’s the same rant over and over again each academic year. Please pardon me la, no CNY very kesian one ok. You asked, Adelaide no CNY one meh? That’s what I asked myself too a few years ago. But one just have to simply type the word CNY into my search column to find out the frustrations of spending CNY here when it’s not even an acknowledge holiday. Sigh, shall stop venting now as there’s prolly more to come when the real date approaches.

So me holiday plans are to finish occlusion assignment and hopefully get some studying done. Hopefully la. Why didn’t I plan to relax or to watch xxx amount of dramas? Because I don’t need too – those things come naturally. Just like eating and shitting. It’s part of me life…. Bah, I have no life!! That’s all – have to get back to watching ‘Silence’. Ta.

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Not so lucky

s0hMood > *hate*

Poor Chian, she got robbed yesterday. In Rundle Mall. Adelaide (it’s a very peaceful city OK?) In broad day light. Imagine the look on my face when I found out. I thought she’s held at knife point or something. Luckily (or like Chian put it, not so lucky also), it’s not. That bastard just ran off with her bag. Such a despicable act okay. Never have I bear such a deep hatred on thiefs. Don’t get me wrong, I have always hate them, but I thought you know, maybe they have sick mothers, desperate for medication and will die any moment, something like that la. Just stuff they always portrayed in movies. And in Malaysia where government assistance is not that great, people are pushed to the edge, no where to go but to beg for mediocre amount of money. Those with ‘greater’ dignity – refuse to beg and work for the money, but some choose the wrong path and end up stealing other people’s things. But in a country like Australia where disadvantaged people get some financial assistance, I just feel less sympathy towards people who steal lor. Like at least they rightfully get some money what – use it to their advantage la! Anyway, Chian lost lots of stuff *insert comforting emo*. Hope they can catch the thief very very soon and put to justice!

Update: Chian’s bag was found left in a bus – was returned back to her promptly – without much inside, but at least she get the bag back I guess…

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