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This is part of a incomplete (and never will be completed) post I wrote back in April, earlier this year. It’s rather long so just bear with me..

I believe that everything happens for a reason though I fail to explain or even convince myself why something happened the way it did. That includes friends who came and went in my life. Those who made small marks. Those who made BIG marks. Those who left abruptly. Those who I left abruptly. Those who have stayed on to me. And those who I have stayed on to. I was looking through Friendster last night, and the first time in my life, I actually think the good for nothing site comes as a very good tool in keeping the last thread of contact with some old friends that I haven’t seen in years and possibly will not be seeing for the rest of my life.

Went through some of their glamorised profiles, looking for what they are up to after secondary school ended. It’s rather unusual to see the changes in people and back then, I would have never guessed *insert a random name* will turn out this way, be it good or bad. It just mesmerises me how so much can change in a short span of 3 and a half years. Okay, it’s a rather long period in some people’s standards. But you got to admit that as you get older, time really flies and 3 years is nothing. Have you ever been in a position of celebrating your 18th birthday and before you know it, you’re turning 19 already? And trust me, 21 comes into the picture VERY quickly.

At this point, you guys must be thinking, HUH? I don’t know your friends, so quit this topic, it’s DARN boring. Lol. Well this post is for keeping’s sake cause people ain’t gonna read it, I just KNOW it, since virtually none of them featured knows the existence of my blog. That is unless they have a hobby of googling their own names. To prevent that, I’ll have their names short and concise. Actually, I never blog for the sake of people reading it. I blog things I WANT to read in my blog. Yes, I’m an avid fan of my own blog. Laugh all you want. I’m sure some of you are obsessed with your own blogs too, right? Right. Oh and just in case if you happened to be one of those who googled your way through here, please don’t be offended by me putting up your pictures or possibly, any unkind comments. (I thought I’m suppose to trace back friends, not enemies…)

So, I’ll try to trace back as many secondary mates that I possibly can and see how many will I manage to find at the end of the day. And this will all be done through Friendster. Don’t you just loveeeee Friendster now despite the sight of stupid bulletins, chain mails or should I say messages and superficial accounts filled with thousands of ‘friends’? Well I do. *All pictures credited back to their respective Friendster accounts)

It was when I started uploading some pictures that I found this idea terribly hideous – I just didn’t realise how many there were and I gave up almost instantly. Silly. But it still never fail to struck me how amazing Friendster is yet again. A very old and treasured friend (sounds so ancient lol – same age hor) found her way to my profile and before I knew it, we’re connected in a matter of minutes. One message is all it takes. Talk about the power of technology. Don’t know if you are but I’m just so amazed because I never heard of what she did and where she went. It’s like she totally disappeared from my life after secondary school. And me being out of town totally didn’t help too. I’m just glad that we’re now friends again ^^,

Random pic(s) to end this post:

Xyn working on her occlusion model
Mine, mine, MINE – it doesn’t look very pretty with the wax stuck on it I know, but trust me, it looks way better now

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