Shamefully addicted

s0hMood > *away to school*

I’m addicted to FaceBook. More accurately, I’m addicted to one of the external applications, ‘(fluff)Friends’. This application allows you to adopt a pet and place it in your profile. Unlike the stagnant ones that people put in blogs, ‘lab hero bunny’ or something ridiculous like that (sorry Summer), this one allows you to feed and pet (as in ‘sayang-ing’ them). Okla, I admit it’s not very much superior to the hero bunny one, but this one is a lot more flexible. You get to earn ‘munny’ by petting other people’s pet and with the ‘munny’, you can buy a range of food to feed your pet.

For me, it all started innocently by succumbing to noob Chian’s invitation, in the name of helping her to earn more ‘munny’. At that time, the only pets I pet are Chian’s noob pig and my cousin’s noob giraffe with wings (wth right?). But I need ‘munny’ to feed my poor Noobie (named in honour of noob Chian), so I need to pet more pets!! I pet all my friends pet (which only made up of 3 or 4 humans lol). Not many people have this application you see. And it occurs to me that only Asians are into this thing and unlike my Friendster, my FaceBook friend list is very angmohlised.

So I was browsing through the Malaysia network and found some beings who were advertising their pets for ‘pets’. I mah click and pet lo. Little did I know this will sprout off something very dreadful – my addiction T-T. I started getting pet by some randoms and as a courtesy, I have to pet back la right? So I pet here and there and it’s a cycle you see. You just keep doing it and before I knew it, I’m getting a lot of ‘munny’ rolling in. So I keep petting!! It’s like Neopets happening all over again – I just love collecting virtual money, it makes me feel so much richer haha.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m never those brats who use real money to buy virtual money because in my opinion, that is prolly one of the most most stupidestestEST thing one can do *cough cough Viv cough cough* – I can never understand why will people do that.. Anyway, this is about my pet, so better not digress into other people’s interest. It’s only a matter of time as to when this will happen again. Except, I’ll have to terminate it as there’s no ‘giving it away’ option.. Now pray for Noobie will you? LOL…


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