Pain II

s0hMood > *pain*

My aunt is here for a visit again. Come then come la, she has to be so kind to bring an extra ‘package‘ with her. Every now and then, I’ll be struck down with horrendous tummy cramps but it usually goes away with some rest – lying down doing nothing. It’s becoming more and more frequent nowadays for my liking. I remember back in secondary years, witnessing one friend of mine who has broken down to tears due to an PMS episode. Back then, PMS to me is rather insignificant – just bloating and discomfort, sometimes pain but nothing too bad. And I couldn’t understand why is she crying over some silly stomache – like oh pls, how bad can it be right? *roll eyes*. It’s only as I grow older that the pain started to intensify like nobody’s business.

I clearly remember having one last month and it was during a lecture. All these years I have been lucky enough to have PMS during weekends or holidays or unimportant days. It is my first time having to deal with it in public eyes and man, that was one hell of a crazyass PMS. It was so soooo painful that it crippled my every movement and I tried my very very best to remain still. Mana tahu la that day my lecturer was handing out exam papers and I had to go down a flight of stairs to get mine and climb back more. Never felt so ‘diaoz’ before.

I had another one early this morning T-T and continued to bug me throughout my supposed-to-be blissful sleep up till now. I even vomited at one point and my body threatened to throw up more the moment any object peristalsis through my oesophagus. It’s the first time in my life I felt that all the doughnuts in the world can’t lift my apetite up. So devastating!! The pain has now subsided a bit but still feel occasional wrench here and there. Was going to start studying Biochem today (test on Friday) but my plan totally went down the drain after all that. Not that I’m lazy looooo, my brain just cannot function properly under pain k. Even Panadol didn’t work well…

PMS should so be an acknowledged illness lol. To mothers of all kind who gave birth naturally, you totally have my respect – how can anyone possibly go through all that pain la. To those who think women are vulnerable beings, screw you because you OBVIOUSLY don’t have a *censored private area* and hence won’t have period and hence won’t know better and hence have absolutely no bloody right to pass any judgement.


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