Not so lucky

s0hMood > *hate*

Poor Chian, she got robbed yesterday. In Rundle Mall. Adelaide (it’s a very peaceful city OK?) In broad day light. Imagine the look on my face when I found out. I thought she’s held at knife point or something. Luckily (or like Chian put it, not so lucky also), it’s not. That bastard just ran off with her bag. Such a despicable act okay. Never have I bear such a deep hatred on thiefs. Don’t get me wrong, I have always hate them, but I thought you know, maybe they have sick mothers, desperate for medication and will die any moment, something like that la. Just stuff they always portrayed in movies. And in Malaysia where government assistance is not that great, people are pushed to the edge, no where to go but to beg for mediocre amount of money. Those with ‘greater’ dignity – refuse to beg and work for the money, but some choose the wrong path and end up stealing other people’s things. But in a country like Australia where disadvantaged people get some financial assistance, I just feel less sympathy towards people who steal lor. Like at least they rightfully get some money what – use it to their advantage la! Anyway, Chian lost lots of stuff *insert comforting emo*. Hope they can catch the thief very very soon and put to justice!

Update: Chian’s bag was found left in a bus – was returned back to her promptly – without much inside, but at least she get the bag back I guess…


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