Holidays, holidays..

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Hip hip hurray, I’m drowning myself in holidays!!! After eight long weeks (odd term of the year – usually only 6 weeks, but that just means next term I only have 4 weeks), ah, finally – no more patients, no more restorations, no more dissection and no more trying to learn those neuro pathways (not that I learnt it anyway) for a good old two weeks. Okla, I shouldn’t be complaining because I do realise out of some dental curriculum, it seems like I have the most holidays. Okay okay, not seems like, is I DO have the most holiday, can bohhh? After hearing how long NUS terms are, I’m thank God a million times that I am where I am now. Not that I applied NUS. But but… we are all doing the same course, getting the same degree, so the fact that we have so different curriculum irks me to bits.

Let me say this again, I’m NOT complaining hor. At least I don’t have 9/10 week terms like NUS. At least I don’t have hard core theory-bombarding 1st/2nd year like HK. At least I still have four months of holidays annually. I admit I turned green in envy when others get five months *cough cough Chian cough cough* while mine is cruelly cut short due to preclinical sessions. Hope it’s not one of those lousy orientations cum useless preliminary stuff, which never failed to coax me back here in time every year. Damn I want my Chinese New year!!! My angpows, my cookies, my ‘ba gua’ and my firecrackers!! Fat chance now that my year starts earlier and earlier each year. It’s the same rant over and over again each academic year. Please pardon me la, no CNY very kesian one ok. You asked, Adelaide no CNY one meh? That’s what I asked myself too a few years ago. But one just have to simply type the word CNY into my search column to find out the frustrations of spending CNY here when it’s not even an acknowledge holiday. Sigh, shall stop venting now as there’s prolly more to come when the real date approaches.

So me holiday plans are to finish occlusion assignment and hopefully get some studying done. Hopefully la. Why didn’t I plan to relax or to watch xxx amount of dramas? Because I don’t need too – those things come naturally. Just like eating and shitting. It’s part of me life…. Bah, I have no life!! That’s all – have to get back to watching ‘Silence’. Ta.


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    Mischique said,

    What the heck!? You have 4 MONTHS OF HOLIDAYS ANNUALLY!?!?! OMG!!!!!!! The longest holidays I have in a year is only 6 weeks!!!!!!

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    lol – er all add together lo.. end of year 2 months.. two term breaks which are two weeks.. and one sem break – around a month..

    so cham.. *pat on the back*

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