End of holidays update

s0hMood > *tired* (my biological clock is so screwed up it’s not funny)

I actually considered myself quite hardworking as a blogger, and yet, Chian was grumbling on about my lack of updates. I mean how much does a blogger has to blog? I just updated days ago!!! Unlike some people *cough cough Xyn cough cough*. Anyway, tomorrow marks the end of my holidays. The good thing is, this time around I’m not dreading the early cold bus rides to Uni. In fact, I’m actually looking forward to attending classes, labs and clinics this term. Four weeks. Just four more weeks I’ll be done for the year. Well not exactly done, exams are next, but you get my point.

I’ve actually achieved more this holidays than any other holidays. For the first time in my life, I actually did some stuff related to Uni. Previously, work for me is just like any other routine and it’s for a good cause – earning money. Homework or studying is a totally different matter. You not only pay to study, the amount you learn depends on you and only you. That’s why studying sucks. But anyone from the work force will tell you otherwise – working is so overrated. Despite all that, I still think I’ll prefer working life over study any day. I think. Because I’m not so sure how a real dentist works. Do they go to work everyday praying they won’t screw up and when they did screw up, do they pray the patient will be extra forgiving to not seek legal advice? Just curious. I guess I’ll find out soon enough when I step into 3rd year (will I? I better!!!).

So I manage to finish my occlusion assignment days ago. I’m so proud of myself eventhough it’s an easy assignment, two pages long with dot points and worth nothing. But as always, it’s a requirement to pass this assignment in order to pass the hugeass subject. It’s so funny when something so little can alter what you’ve done for the whole year – all those clinics, labs and exams. I really wonder if they’ll fail a student who did consistently well and yet didn’t obtain a satisfactory grade for the assignment. But it doesn’t make sense for a good student to flop such an easy assignment (when compared to others). Are they even capable of failing? But then again, idiocy has no boundaries.

Back to the subject, my assignment. I am proud because this is the first time in my life that I’ve finished an assignment way before it’s due date. Starting the assignment early is what I’ve always done. But finishing it early is a completely different story. No matter how much I’ve done (usually very very little), somehow, I always end up finishing an assignment a day before, if not on the day itself when it’s due. It’s bad, but it’s in me. All these years. Now do you get why I’m so proud? No? Nevermind, you just have to know I pleased myself with even the slightest thing.

Now I say I achieved more. So what exactly is more? It’s rather embarrassing because the ‘more’ stated doesn’t truly reflect the amount I’ve done. I only manage to finish the assignment, and study some of the neuro pathways. Lol. Please pick up your lower jaw, it is shocking I know, don’t rub it in laaa. Sighs. Still, it’s undeniable that I DID achieve more because I don’t remember any single holiday that has been more productive than this. It is worth celebrating, personally ^^. Hope you guys have had a nice holiday too…


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