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Study Plan II

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It’s the first day of SWOTVAC, literally speaking, as my academic year finally ended yesterday, exams not included of course. I said to myself that I’m going to study my butt off this time. People who have read my blog over these years would have realise, I say the same thing every single time. But it never does turn out that way. The first day turned out to be a disaster as I rolled on my bed till 12 o’clock, and continue to slack over lunch and TV and internet till 4.30 pm. It wasn’t until then that I started feeling a tiny stab of guilt and tried to compensate by watching some Anatomy videos. I lurveeee those videos. Makes me understand so much more than just looking at my jumbled up, dirty, crumpled and way-too-colourful-that-my-eyes-hurt notes.

Anycow, the attempt to regain some sort of study plan going on was clearly not working. Not only was I bored by some of the irrelevant parts of the videos, the old man’s narration was like so monotonous it’s not funny. Then I started discovering some answers to the Anatomy test yesterday and really have to kicked myself hard to have not finish watching those videos earlier! Not to mention knowing those answers I changed in the test turns out to be wrong, and what sucks the most is that my initial answers were correct. Why, whyyyyy!!! I really have to stop changing answers next time and learn to trust my first intuitions, never ever doubt my 21 year old famished brain! *pats right cerebrum*

So hereby, I pledge to stop wasting time doing useless stuff, say Facebook-ing, or blogging. Maybe once every 3 days. Sounds fair? But I do, absolutely have to check my email everyday. Okay, no more than 30 minutes everyday. Wait, make that an hour. I will need to study very very hard and spare no Saturdays nor Sundays. Sighs, harsh week ahead but when exams’ over, I will be freeeeeee!!~ So yeah, this blog will be hibernating for a bit and won’t be seeing me around MSN unless I have dent related queries. And hopefully the next time I post again, it will be on how successful my plan is. Hmmm.. I’m starting to doubt myself, but hey, I can always do some Anatomy videos. HAha.

p/s Both I and anyone-else-I’ve-talked-to successfully passed clinic and labs. Hip hip hurray ^^


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One step forwards, one step back

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It’s old news that Malaysia is going to send a person up on space, in fact, he’s already back on earth. See how outdated I am – actually I am aware of this la because I read The Star occasionally. Anycow, the point is, everyone’s been commenting on how expensive and wasteful this plan is – even foreign papers are spotted ridiculing this so-called achievement. Of course, on whether it is indeed an achievement or not, it depends on your own perspective. Ugly is subjective, and so is success. Some people think success is Lim Goh Tong (wahlao, he has a freaking wikipedia entry!!). Others thinks success is being happy. The PM thinks success is tumpang-ing another country’s rocket sending the 1st Malaysian to space. I think success is no, not just happiness and God definitely nothing to do with ‘angkasa’ and ‘wan’. It HAS to be Bill Gates la!!

After seeing this excerpt though, my eyes roll so hard, over and over again till my medial and lacteral rectus can get wastage ok (now who says blogging is useless, can revise Anatomy). Don’t know about you people, to me, that just sounds as ridiculous as me tagging on the back of Michael Phelps (much rather it’s Ian Thorpe, but that’s not the point) to win an Olympics swimming event and wohoo, now all Malaysians can be proud of me! But then he’s the PM, so what else can he say but get us all to share the pride? But then again, why did we even send someone to space for in the 1st place? Funny enough, some people do feel extra special now that ‘we’ have someone in space *shakes head*.

Then I came across this article, ahhhhhh~ How generous of them, NOT! Seriously la, it’s like, who needs a second person to the moon when we already have Neil Armstrong? I mean what’s the point? Been there, done that, despite all the hype and/or criticism and now they are considering sending a second ‘angkasa’ with a ‘wan’? We’ve already took the first step, the second step should not be repeating the first one!! If they want to waste their money, I rather they waste it on developing our very own rocket or something… Anycow, I’m gonna end with a joke I read some months back.

In Russia, they called people who go to space Cosmonauts. In USA, they’re called Astronauts. In China, they called them Tai-kong-nauts. And in Malaysia, they’re called Can-or-nauts..

If you don’t get the joke, well, you’re simple not Malaysian enough lol.

p/s Wrote this entry days back and only finally finished the end bit today. It’s weird how when I wrote this entry, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong is still alive. I did not just mention him in purpose because of his passing. I wrote it without thinking twice since he’s like the richest Malaysian dude I know, it’s only appropriate that he’s included. And then the next day after I created this post (with his name already written down), the news came (I read The Star again, haha). How freaky is that?! Anyhow, just hope he’ll rest in peace..

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One more week & Uni’s out

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In exactly four weeks from now, I’ll be waking up to the comforts of my bed in Malaysia =P That will be my first morning back home, yipee!! Super super excited despite the upcoming exams, which is approximately erm, two weeks away (omgosh, my fingers are freaking out as I typed t-w-o w-e-e-k-s). But that’s still a while away (me being extremely optimistic) as I need to worry more on the Anatomy test coming up this Thursday.

This is going to be the last week of Uni, another yipee!!! Time really does flies. One year just goes by so quickly! It’s lectures, clinics, labs then lectures, clinics, labs then tada, I’m in the last week of 2nd year. I still remember when I first stepped into 2nd year, being oh-so-gleeful to finally ditch the term ‘freshers’. It’s all nice to be a freshman in the first few weeks, but from then on, I just want to get out of it as soon as I can. Don’t exactly know why – it’s probably because freshers actually sounds so OLD? Sophomore sounds much more sophisticated – man, can’t wait to ditch it TOO!! Lemme be a 3rd year, lemme, pls pls pls!! Okay, let’s not get too ahead of myself here, I haven’t even pass the exams yet.

Anyhow, this week is also the assessment week where I’ll get tutor feedbacks on my clinic and lab sessions. It’s worth 50/60% of the subject – my oh my. But I prefer practical assessments over written ones in this case ^^. So wish me luck!!!! *fingers and toes crossed I’ll breeze through everything* Oh, and to my coursemates, I wish ya’ll luck too!!

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Happy Birthday, Bee Kee!!~

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It’s yet another birthday of a dear friend that I can’t be around to celebrate. I’m not dead ok!! *touch wood* I mean we’re like thousands (or maybe millions) of miles apart and all I can do is wishing from a far. But by this time, we would have all get used to it – it’s already a norm.

Anyhow, because the Hari Raya break coincidentally lies on the week Bee Kee’s birthday is, she gets to celebrate it back home. How lucky! I’m sure she appreciate being away from turtles for once ^^, It was a crazy celebration, with a bunch of potentially drunk, a bit more than hyperactive and ki siao-ed animals. The end note is, they all had fun and that’s what really counts.

Well, if you are reading this Ms Kwa, hope you had a very very nice 21st (oops) Birthday. The wishes have been repeated over and over again, probably sick of them by now, so to cut it short, life isn’t long, yet not exactly short – everything may be just once in a lifetime, so may your life be filled with wonderful little surprises and endless carriages of blessings. Love you lots girl, you know that right? Hehehehehe.

Happy Birthday Bee Kee!!

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My title prolly left quite a few of you wondering, wth I’m saying. For people like Viv and Xyn, they’ll happily shout out, ‘For F’s Sake’ – one abbreviation we frequently use. But this time around, it carries a totally different meaning =) Instead of being stress/geram or anything, ffs in this post is all happy and jolly~

FFS = first fissure sealant ^^ Lame – but this is what dent has turned me into bwahaha.. Anyway, fissure sealants (FS for short) for those who don’t know, is just a material used to seal the deep grooves (namely fissures) of your susceptible tooth as a preventive step to tackle rotting teeth (namely caries). And after been doing it a few times in lab last year, I finally get a chance to do it on real people!!! *shouts omg omg OMGGGGGG!!!!!*

‘Before and after’ example from *slaps self for not taking a picture of my much praised work – but it didn’t cross my mind at all >.<*

The real person is no other than my own brother. Ha, another guinea pig! He really needed some as his teeth has really deep fissures but I was skeptical. One, I haven’t done FS since last year and two, I haven’t done it in a real person before. But juggling the choice of either doing scaling or FS, I eventually went for FS since I already scaled my brother’s lower teeth where most of the calculus are (which btw doesn’t mean algebra u all geeky maths student).

I was supposed to do 1, but there’s a bit of time, so my tutor told me to do another one. So in the end, I did 2 FS(s) *jumps up and down*. People who don’t know dent probably wonder why is this girl so happy, it’s just fissure sealants for fuck’s sake, which kindly shortens to fsffs, haha. Although my school’s curriculum incorporated clinics and labs from first year, we do most of the stuff gradually (especially in clinics) and lots of stuff we do in lab don’t actually carry over to clinic because we can’t really restore each other’s teeth to practise. Imagine if that is the case, gosh, by the end of 2nd year, every single corner of my teeth would have been restored for no reason. Plus there are other risks such as improper placements leading to more problems, which is not covered by the school – hence more the reason not to do it.

So when we get to see ‘family and friends’ patients, we are only allowed to do general checkup, followed by treatments which are restricted to bitewing x-rays, scaling, fluoride and tooth mouse application, dietary and oral health instruction consultations and lastly, non-invasive FS. We are not allowed to hold burs (used to drill) in clinic, not that I want to anyway – so so dangerous. But thankfully enough, my tutor can, so she did all the procedures that involved drilling, and I did the rest.

It was such a rush though because my rubber dam applications took quite some time, and hence ended the appointment quite late – went a bit over time even. Poor time management T-T and caused Yinan to start a bit late (so sorry) since we have to swap over as ‘dentist’. Anyhow, everything ended well despite some small hitches long the way.

Rubber dam example from my lab session – sui boh? It’s a bit exaggerated (due to the procedure we’re doing), usually only one or a few teeth are isolated.

So there goes my last clinic session of 2nd year *teary* ^^Y.

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Looking into the future

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I was just reading news (though it happens very rarely) and something caught me eye…

Huh???!!! What kind of sick people will do that? If they can’t find people to have sex with, then please, I’ve watch enough Sex and the City to know you can just DIY. It just sounds soooooo wrong! To think some robots will be exploited by humans that way just sounds very unethical. But then I guess, it’s no different to DIY since robots, literally speaking, are plainly machines. But who knows, robots might develop feelings one day. Too far fetch? Probably.

The reseacher claims that robots will be so human-like one day that humans will fall in love with them, get married etc etc. Sounds ridiculous I know, but nothings’ impossible. I think it will happen someday, but 2050 – that’s just too soon. I haven’t even seen a robot any close to looking human-like yet (not just about the face, the whole body I mean), more over a robot with a cheeky personality that can capture one’s heart. But people are shallow – so if I were the researcher, ha, I’ll make my robots looks like her……

Michelle Reis

Now who wouldn’t go goo goo ga ga over her? Okay I sound like a lesbian but hear me out, I didn’t bother putting a cute guy’s picture because I think only guys will fall for this kind of thing ya know =P

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Bad encounter

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Was coming up from an escalator yesterday in Myers and that brief trip took a weird twist when something not quite usual happened. I hastily jumped on to the escalator, not looking straight and did not have a clue (which by the way is Chian’s fault – those Subway cookies had me all deluded) when I felt something brushed against me in the opposite direction. I looked up immediately to see what it was – well more like WHO it was – and to my horror, it’s one ugly sickening bastard grinning back at me like a fucking retard! That piece of shit molested, okay, before you guys go all omg omg, calm down…

He only molested my hand. My precious right hand. The same hand which helps me to hold a mirror when working on upper teeth. The hand which will help me earn lots and lots of money when I finally grad from school. Darn lucky it wasn’t the left one – as most of you know, I’m left-handed. And way-to-go lucky it’s not anywhere else. But still!! Now I finally understand why people get all upset when some pervert touch/grab some part of their bodies. Back then I thought, yeah big deal, man, get over it. Especially when it’s an instant thing as opposed to those poor girls stuck in a crowded bus with a hand going up their skirts under their noses.

I don’t know whether it’s me knowing more about infection control or what. That moment, I was so sooooo disgusted I feel like alienating my hand for the rest of my life. It’s tainted with some asshole’s hand and god knows what else. He might very well be carrying some contagious bacteria with his presumably diseased hands. If I am diagnosed with any disease, I’m so gonna make sure I run down his lousy ass with a massive lawsuit for ruining my ever-so-bright future =P. Okla, I’m exaggerating and I should know better it’s hard to pass on any disease this way but I felt so violated ok!

I know it’s nothing compared to the ‘real’ molestation but what is he trying to do huh? Giving a friendly hand shake? I DON’T THINK SO!!!! Who with a functioning right cerebellum shakes hand by grabbing some random’s hand when they’re in a bloody escalator!!! Being that total fucked up idiot he was, he deserved to be cursed upon gao gao till die die – grrrrrrrrrrr!!! Never touched a girl’s hand before is it? Go freaking touch your mother’s laaaaaaaaaa!!! I washed my hand immediately after that incident and propose to scrub my hand down with lotssss of alcohol gel when I get into clinic next week, hmphh. I know’s it’s a bit too late to wait till next Tuesday but… I want my hand back~~~~

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