Lousy mix up

s0hMood > *cry*

Yesterday was meant to be about a good celebration. A good dinner (regardless of whether I like Primo or not). And a good night out (regardless of whether I like Church-the-bar-not-the-praying-one or not). Spent the whole day bustling here and there to make the birthday as nice as possible for Vivien.

But as life goes, things don’t always happened like we expected. I’m actually too lazy to elaborate what went wrong but I feel that I owe some people some explanation – especially after what I did, must have startled some people, even myself. So we were all supposed to meet at Cafe Primo at 6 for the occasion. The clock ticks and Chian’s no where to be seen. By 6.30 pm, most people have arrived and yet, Chian still haven’t turn up. And I called her impatiently. I hate waiting neh. But that’s beside the point. So as dinner progressed, we came to a conclusion that Chian might have gone home, despite her not picking up the phone. A simple call home proves she’s anywhere but.

Anyhow, the celebration continued, and cake with bright sparkles were lit. After that, we went to Wendy’s place before heading off to Church at 9. I still couldn’t get hold of Chian at that time. And so I called home again – she’s not there. Then I tried calling her friends on my list but that proves futile. After a while, I found out from her friend that she took a bus to China Town after class ended. I was like, WTF? China Town? Why the hell? And so we came up with the theory – place mixed-up though I remember clearly telling her we’re going to Primo in the city. Didn’t know where she got China Town from.

And a few calls here and there, everyone was kind of worried because we couldn’t locate nor could we contact her. So in the end, we are at wit’s end – don’t know what else to do. I wasn’t worried to be very honest. But then people around me (not that I’m blaming you guys or anything, you guys were great!!) start comforting me saying, it’s ok etc etc. And for some weird reason, I couldn’t hold back my tears. And silly thoughts started crossing my mind, “Omg, what do I do if something happens to her”, “Why didn’t I stressed it to her it’s in the city!!” and “It will be my fault if she went missing”. Now when I come to think about it – ah, it’s so so silly. I must have looked so retarded!!!!!

And so I didn’t feel like going to Church anymore, so I called it a night earlier than I was supposed to. So sorry leh Viv. Just wanted to go home to see what’s happening. And it was my lucky day indeed, the bus came minutes after I arrived at the bus stop and the strangest thing happened, Chian’s in the bus too. Talk about coincidence! And so it turns out that she didn’t bring her phone and we were right, she went to the Primo in China Town. She left after waiting slightly over an hour and waited for another hour before the bus finally came. Now she’s unlucky. So yeah, that was it. It wasn’t even dramatic and don’t ask me why, I couldn’t even explain why I welled up so easily. The rule of thumb is, if you ever see me cry, please please please don’t talk to me. Words will only make me cry even more uncontrollably. All that has to be done later. Lol. Lastly, sorry to everyone for ruining your nights and thank you all for comforting me ^^, It’s very very very much appreciated. Mwah~~

p/s The mood for this entry doesn’t go with the ‘celebrative’ atmosphere, so I shall post about Viv’s birthday later in a proper entry. Will do it when I get the pictures.


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