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My title prolly left quite a few of you wondering, wth I’m saying. For people like Viv and Xyn, they’ll happily shout out, ‘For F’s Sake’ – one abbreviation we frequently use. But this time around, it carries a totally different meaning =) Instead of being stress/geram or anything, ffs in this post is all happy and jolly~

FFS = first fissure sealant ^^ Lame – but this is what dent has turned me into bwahaha.. Anyway, fissure sealants (FS for short) for those who don’t know, is just a material used to seal the deep grooves (namely fissures) of your susceptible tooth as a preventive step to tackle rotting teeth (namely caries). And after been doing it a few times in lab last year, I finally get a chance to do it on real people!!! *shouts omg omg OMGGGGGG!!!!!*

‘Before and after’ example from ismile.com *slaps self for not taking a picture of my much praised work – but it didn’t cross my mind at all >.<*

The real person is no other than my own brother. Ha, another guinea pig! He really needed some as his teeth has really deep fissures but I was skeptical. One, I haven’t done FS since last year and two, I haven’t done it in a real person before. But juggling the choice of either doing scaling or FS, I eventually went for FS since I already scaled my brother’s lower teeth where most of the calculus are (which btw doesn’t mean algebra u all geeky maths student).

I was supposed to do 1, but there’s a bit of time, so my tutor told me to do another one. So in the end, I did 2 FS(s) *jumps up and down*. People who don’t know dent probably wonder why is this girl so happy, it’s just fissure sealants for fuck’s sake, which kindly shortens to fsffs, haha. Although my school’s curriculum incorporated clinics and labs from first year, we do most of the stuff gradually (especially in clinics) and lots of stuff we do in lab don’t actually carry over to clinic because we can’t really restore each other’s teeth to practise. Imagine if that is the case, gosh, by the end of 2nd year, every single corner of my teeth would have been restored for no reason. Plus there are other risks such as improper placements leading to more problems, which is not covered by the school – hence more the reason not to do it.

So when we get to see ‘family and friends’ patients, we are only allowed to do general checkup, followed by treatments which are restricted to bitewing x-rays, scaling, fluoride and tooth mouse application, dietary and oral health instruction consultations and lastly, non-invasive FS. We are not allowed to hold burs (used to drill) in clinic, not that I want to anyway – so so dangerous. But thankfully enough, my tutor can, so she did all the procedures that involved drilling, and I did the rest.

It was such a rush though because my rubber dam applications took quite some time, and hence ended the appointment quite late – went a bit over time even. Poor time management T-T and caused Yinan to start a bit late (so sorry) since we have to swap over as ‘dentist’. Anyhow, everything ended well despite some small hitches long the way.

Rubber dam example from my lab session – sui boh? It’s a bit exaggerated (due to the procedure we’re doing), usually only one or a few teeth are isolated.

So there goes my last clinic session of 2nd year *teary* ^^Y.


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    Mischique said,

    Hey gurl…you’re lucky you already get to practice on humans..haha. It’s cool that your lab environment seem more relaxed compared to mine…soo nice.

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