One step forwards, one step back

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It’s old news that Malaysia is going to send a person up on space, in fact, he’s already back on earth. See how outdated I am – actually I am aware of this la because I read The Star occasionally. Anycow, the point is, everyone’s been commenting on how expensive and wasteful this plan is – even foreign papers are spotted ridiculing this so-called achievement. Of course, on whether it is indeed an achievement or not, it depends on your own perspective. Ugly is subjective, and so is success. Some people think success is Lim Goh Tong (wahlao, he has a freaking wikipedia entry!!). Others thinks success is being happy. The PM thinks success is tumpang-ing another country’s rocket sending the 1st Malaysian to space. I think success is no, not just happiness and God definitely nothing to do with ‘angkasa’ and ‘wan’. It HAS to be Bill Gates la!!

After seeing this excerpt though, my eyes roll so hard, over and over again till my medial and lacteral rectus can get wastage ok (now who says blogging is useless, can revise Anatomy). Don’t know about you people, to me, that just sounds as ridiculous as me tagging on the back of Michael Phelps (much rather it’s Ian Thorpe, but that’s not the point) to win an Olympics swimming event and wohoo, now all Malaysians can be proud of me! But then he’s the PM, so what else can he say but get us all to share the pride? But then again, why did we even send someone to space for in the 1st place? Funny enough, some people do feel extra special now that ‘we’ have someone in space *shakes head*.

Then I came across this article, ahhhhhh~ How generous of them, NOT! Seriously la, it’s like, who needs a second person to the moon when we already have Neil Armstrong? I mean what’s the point? Been there, done that, despite all the hype and/or criticism and now they are considering sending a second ‘angkasa’ with a ‘wan’? We’ve already took the first step, the second step should not be repeating the first one!! If they want to waste their money, I rather they waste it on developing our very own rocket or something… Anycow, I’m gonna end with a joke I read some months back.

In Russia, they called people who go to space Cosmonauts. In USA, they’re called Astronauts. In China, they called them Tai-kong-nauts. And in Malaysia, they’re called Can-or-nauts..

If you don’t get the joke, well, you’re simple not Malaysian enough lol.

p/s Wrote this entry days back and only finally finished the end bit today. It’s weird how when I wrote this entry, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong is still alive. I did not just mention him in purpose because of his passing. I wrote it without thinking twice since he’s like the richest Malaysian dude I know, it’s only appropriate that he’s included. And then the next day after I created this post (with his name already written down), the news came (I read The Star again, haha). How freaky is that?! Anyhow, just hope he’ll rest in peace..


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