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The latest ‘Ah Sim’ (Jolene, 2006)

Update: Damai Laut Trip

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I was going to blog about my trip recently, but haven’t get to finish it. So next time la. I just want to announce to the world that, I passed my exams!!!! Though I wasn’t really satisfied with some marks, one in particular, it’s ok. All that matter is I’M GOING ON TO 3RD YEAR!!! More Dent dent dent…

Anyhow, I wasn’t even going to blog about my result. But this particular news intrigued me, so here I am. Allow to me say, Japan rocks!!!!! Haha, those of you who may have some sort of vengeance towards Japan for whatever reason, please don’t bash me. I’m just saying, their innovation really rock!

Click for bigger view

In teaching labs right now, we use the normal stimulator/manikin who has a rotatable head. He’s the savior of all students because he is super resistant to pain. You can pull his head 90 degrees downwards and still, he won’t utter a single word. No complaints at all. Now this is what we call a compliant patient, haha. People, must learn from him ok!

But now this new stimulator is a robot. Very different to the old one. First of all, this one is made a female. Weird. Secondly, it yells in pain when we drilled into the nerve. Die lo. Imagine those student who are using those robots for the first time. First time drillers. Suddenly shriek “ouch”. I’ll be so freaked out and point towards the robot, OMG, she speaked!! Haha. And drilled even deeper inside in shocked.

An interesting point being, this robot has the same height as me!! Now what does that mean? Means hor, my height is popular lo!! Haha. Anyhow la, apparently these robots are really real. This allow the dentist to appreciate the patient’s pain. True la. In the lab, I suka pusing his head, then I pusing. I suka push the drill down hard, I push! So with these robots, aisyeh, have to be careful la. Once it screams, my tutor will come and fail me d! Drilling into the nerve/pulp is a big NONO ma.

And lastly, a vast difference to the old manikin is, this robot has arms and body ler. It has a really pretty outlook. Like watching horror movie like that. Quite scary. And it has breast sensors which keep track if it has been touched inappropriately! Omg. Who in the world is kisiao enough to harass a robot la!!! So disgusting ler. Imagine if it has an alarm that goes off when it’s molested. And if you accidentally touch it. Haha, sibeh embarrassing. Okla. Shall stop here. Update more next time. Bye.


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Damai Laut Trip

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Just came back from the annual [T.A.G] trip yesterday. Participating members: Me, Lai Kuan, Mei Shan, Bee Kee, Pik Shen, Wai Han, Chui Ling, CK, Gilbert, Xian Boon and Darryl. We went to Damai Laut, Perak for three days two nights. It was a long and exhausting but fulfilling trip.

Day 1
Setting off from KL on 2 pm, we made our way into the highway just to realise SOMEONE had forgotten to grab the hotel voucher for our free rooms. Sibeh noob. So we waited in Muzium Negara while one car drove back to grab it. This is probably the first time I’ve been to the museum, all thanks to Mr Kok. We didn’t go in. Just look around on the outside. Not much of a museum trip la. Eh, I’m 21 ok and there’s a rule that anyone above 12 shall not enter the museum, zoo, etc etc. And so I went to the zoo few years back – that was a homecoming trip, so it’s an exception.

Muzium Negara

We resume our trip and little did we know, it will be another 6 hours before we our foot in Perak. There was traffic jams due to roadwork and we were stuck doing nothing but camwhoring and buzzing each other with walkie talkies. We passed through countless oil palms, endless rice paddies and lakes after lakes, shone upon by the sunset. Some called it pretty. Some called it breathtaking. For me, it was sooooooo long.

Camwhoring in the car due to traffic jam


We finally arrived and checked in to our rooms at late evening, our stomachs crying out with hunger. So we settled with some instant noodles and mahjong while some very kind people drove out half an hour to get us more substantial dinner. They came back with bags of noodles, we had a small feast inside room 223. We continue with a string of mahjong and heart attack games before sticking our smelly feet into the hot bath, which is indeed very very hot.

Day 2
On the next day, we had mild breakfast and proceed towards the jetty. ALL set for Pangkor Island!! Upto this point, I’m too lazy to elaborate more. Just see the pictures and fill in your own captions and stories, thank you for your cooperation.

The girls

The dudes

1st boat to Pangkor

Pangkor Jetty

Waiting for 2nd boat

2nd boat to Pangkor

On the way to some random island


In Coral Island

Han and Boon: so called DISCOVERY

CK and Mei Shan

Bee Kee and me

On the way back from Pangkor


Chui Ling outside the boat

Pik Shen and Chui Ling


Bee Kee: after a tiring day in Pangkor


Pirated Shell: the logo is found nowhere but the main signboard

Day 3
Heading back to KL, but on the way back, we made several stops: Turtle farm and Kampar, Perak.

Turtles featured in Finding Nemo!!!

Close up of the turtles

In the restaurant

A plate of pretty shells

The dead unfortunate being…

So that concludes our trip! Sorry for the lack of words. Very lazy la. Anticipating the next annual trip ^^,

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Backdated: End of exams

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After finishing all exams and test, a celebration is a MUST! Me and Han went to Sophia‘s house and we just sat and relax. The weather was scorching outside, we reluctantly dragged out lazy bums out to the heat, and went to feast on Vietnamese noodles in Regency. Yummy! Then we took another long bus trip back to city and shopped in Wollies. At this old age, when there’s celebration, there’s booze. Ah, my liverrrrrrrr. So we went to liquor department and grabbed some alcohol that Han was craving with that sneaky smile of hers.

Mask party

The booze: Tequila

Koreans are so healthy. Back in Malaysia, I see my dad drink beer with peanuts, grilled chicken wings and other oily fried snacks. But Han being as health conscious as she is, went on and bought fruits for snacks. Watermelon, oranges, lemons. I was too full to shop for some Cheese & Onion chips ler. So we end up with bags of fruits and armed with a bottle of booze, headed back to Soph’s place.

The ‘food’

Korean cookies: Hard on the outside, soft one the inside

Han professionally (and so she said) prepared all the fruits while Soph packed her luggage since she’s flying back the very next day. Me? Lazed around on the couch and watched TV lo. We drank while watching Grey’s anatomy, chit chat here and there, then there comes bed time.

Grey’s Anatomy on Soph’s kick-ass Plasma

The hostess with the unlucky card that followed her the WHOLE night

Aiya, I lazy to elaborate any longer, lol. The conclusion is we had a good time lor! It was nice ^^.

p/s Tequila was kind of strong, ugh.. Oh, three of us almost finished the whole bottle, with like maybe 150 ml left =)

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s0hp0h is BACK!!

s0hng > Claire Kuo – Wo Bu Xiang Wang Ji Ni

Hello to whoever who’s still reading my blog. Lol.. That will prolly be very few kind souls. Everyone’s busy holidaying. And examing. Okla, I purposely blog just to say I’m back in M’sia d la. It feels not right not to blog bout it you know? Especially when Ms Wong keep publicising it in her blog like it’s some sort of crime that I’m coming back earlier than she IS.

It wasn’t a very smooth ride. First the freaking check-in line was sibeh long. I really should have check-in ONLINE la. So noob ok. Took about 45 minutes to check in. Nvm. The flight was overbooked and I think I was prolly the last few to check in? Me and Xyn had to sit separately. Nvm. Then have to line up for customs and go through to the waiting area and then wait again at the gate to board the plane. Nvm. Then in the SIA flight, found out the stupid entertainment sucked like kisiao (though I still watch some movies) compared to MAS. A piece of advice to Chian, do not, I repeat, DO NOT ever tune in to the Chinese channel. You will find yourself listening to a mix of Lung Piao Piao (however her name is spelt) and and and, I don’t know, some randoms I’ve never even heard of! Really horrible and vegetable laaa. Fine, NVM.

Then came the food, that was ok. But because I was seated so behind, I didn’t get to choose what I get to eat la. Was given whatever they HAD. Which wasn’t bad. Was rather delicious. But I much prefer a CHOICE. Nvm. Then came some minor shakings, aiya, stupid turbulence la. But it’s all good as long as the plane don’t like fall down ten feet or something. Oklo, finally arrive. But in Singapore. Transit. Sien. Need to wait for 3 hours. Me and Xyn just practically waited for the time to come. Then board another shaky (but still safe) flight.

And then finally reach freaking Malaysia. Then wait for luggage and something was wrong with the belt thingy that distributes luggages. Waited intermittently as the belt move and stop and move and stop for no apparent reason. And our luggages were NO WHERE to be seen. But fortunately, it did eventually turn up, just took like 30 minutes longer than usual and so I finally exited KLIA at quarter to 10 like that. Sighs. That sums up the trip. It was tiring, but the ‘chee cheong fun’ I had later that night made it all worth it.

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One stop Malay lesson

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First of all, I shall burst out in happiness, my exams are over. Read: O.V.E.R. Yea yea , I still have one more Prac test tomorrow yada yada yada, I don’t care. That’s just one little test and ain’t gonna dim my er, celebration spirit. Exams are official over today and 2nd year is officially O.V.E.R tomorrow. This is probably one of the few situations I am glad to announced O.V.E.R out loud.

I was kind of nervous and excited going into the exam hall today. Having around four hours of sleep the night before certainly left me kind of ‘high’. But reading the Anatomy exam paper was heaven for me ^^. I loveeeeee past year papers. And to think I spend all the time studying cranial nuclei and the type of fibres in each nerve 6.30 this morning and it wasn’t actually in the exam. Couldn’t care less cause I decided to read up TMJ and read up I did. Thank goodness for that!! It came out la of course.

Not knowing what to expect the night before, I was keeping my fingers crossed it’s going to be a replica of previous questions. It wasn’t totally the same, but close enough. Can’t complain anymore. Hehehe. I’m one delightful soul. Muahahhahaa… Grateful s0hp0h, grateful~~ Anyhow, the night before exams were the time where I’ll turn up on MSN like a ghost, pleading the dent people in my list for answers, explanations, and you-name-it. And I was discussing questions with Xyn and we somehow digressed our convo to nothing close to medial lemnicus. It was about praying for one second, then to how you say this in Malay, what bout hope and pray and pass and fail? Xyn wanted to try praying in Malay. And we finally concluded with:

My take: harapan, berdoa, pas lulus and fail
Xyn’s take: n/a, sembahyang, n/a and gagal
So in conclusion, we both have bad Malay, but overall, haha, Xyn I still pwn u!!

Finally, good luck to everyone for the Prac test tomorrow and holidays, here WE come, muahahahaahaha. Will be touching down in Malaysia this Saturday *winks*. And a bigger good luck for everyone else who are still having exams. Don’t you worry, holidays will be yours, soon enough ^^

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Study Plan II: Update Part II

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Here I am, blogging for the second time during exam period -which really is the lowest number I’ve ever achieved during exams-stricken weeks. I just have a thing for blogging excessively during exams in the past. Maybe it offers stress removal of some sort lol.

Anyhow, just a short update on me exam progress. Two down, one last subject to go. But it is separated into two exams, written and practical. Sien. And there’s soooo much to learn la I tell you. And I’m sure most will nod in agreement, banging their fists onto their poor table – yes ohhh yes!!! (since most of you are my classmates wut). Did I tell you I hate Bio? Okla, I hate Physics and Maths even more but that’s irrelevant since those subjects no longer exist in my future curriculum. So for now, I hate Bio Bio Bio. Oh yaaa, I HATE General Studies, that’s right. But I don’t do general studies no moreeee. So in conclusion, I still hate Bio most!!! Then next year I’ll hate Immunology, Pathology, Microbiology – I know it, I JUST KNOW IT!!

Sighs. Exams’ are on Monday and Tuesday, leaving me only two days to study. The last subject to study over the weekends. Wow, FUN. Oh oh – sorry la, my post is all over the place, so disorganised – just the way my mind is right now. My first two subjects were kind of bad. But I think I pass. Fingers and toes crossed. The thing that pissed me the most is, overstudying for one and understudying for the other. That probably leave you wondering, why do I ‘think’ I’ll pass since I did in fact overstudied for one – must be for sure pass la right? Sadly, I have to pass every single part of the exam paper to pass the subject. Am I making sense here? Nevermind.

I’m like so tired after today’s Biochem + genetics exam. It was nothing much like the past year papers (contrary to popular beliefs and predictions) and I’ve never crapped so much in an exam before!! Like they weighed a question 5 marks and I can only come up with maybe one line. The best two. Where to find threeeee moreeeeee!!! Bullshit through as much as I can. I think the examiners will be sobbing in tears reading how desperate I was to come up with ‘something’. No silly, not sad sobbing, laughing kind of sobbing.

Gosh, me brain is deprived of sleep. That’s it for a super random update and the next time I update – whahahhaaha, exams are over baby!!!~ Now you just wait ^^

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Study Plan II: Update Part I

sohMood > *Need to work HARDER for exams*

I’m in one of my many study breaks. Could have blogged in any of those, but I didn’t. Now why is that? Just to get you guys deluded, thinking omg, s0hp0h is really hardworking. Muahaha. Whilst my studying didn’t exactly went down as planned, it has been quite, no wait – make that ‘somewhat’ similar. I’ve been studying here and there, trying to download things to my brain. If only studying is a simple ‘click’. Sticking things in are easy though, the hard trick is, keeping them from pouring out like Nile river. My. I would have stuck corks in every single orifice if that is what it takes to remember stuff! And you say, why all the trouble – just read everything again. But you know, I read and memorise and read and forget, gah, why does my brain not work like everyone else’s? SIGH.

I’m not stressed. I’m not panic. I’m constantly forwarding the time in my mind – to when the exams are over, me back in Malaysia, bustling through the humid streets of KL, hitting the cinema for some random Japanese horror flick, sinking my teeth into the ever-so-caramelised GSC popcorns. Okla, I really should start studying liao. The point I really was going to say is, I did study more this time around – but that doesn’t necessarily means I gained more T-T. Oh well, let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be, speaking words of wisdom, let it be~~

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