Study Plan II: Update Part I

sohMood > *Need to work HARDER for exams*

I’m in one of my many study breaks. Could have blogged in any of those, but I didn’t. Now why is that? Just to get you guys deluded, thinking omg, s0hp0h is really hardworking. Muahaha. Whilst my studying didn’t exactly went down as planned, it has been quite, no wait – make that ‘somewhat’ similar. I’ve been studying here and there, trying to download things to my brain. If only studying is a simple ‘click’. Sticking things in are easy though, the hard trick is, keeping them from pouring out like Nile river. My. I would have stuck corks in every single orifice if that is what it takes to remember stuff! And you say, why all the trouble – just read everything again. But you know, I read and memorise and read and forget, gah, why does my brain not work like everyone else’s? SIGH.

I’m not stressed. I’m not panic. I’m constantly forwarding the time in my mind – to when the exams are over, me back in Malaysia, bustling through the humid streets of KL, hitting the cinema for some random Japanese horror flick, sinking my teeth into the ever-so-caramelised GSC popcorns. Okla, I really should start studying liao. The point I really was going to say is, I did study more this time around – but that doesn’t necessarily means I gained more T-T. Oh well, let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be, speaking words of wisdom, let it be~~


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