s0hp0h is BACK!!

s0hng > Claire Kuo – Wo Bu Xiang Wang Ji Ni

Hello to whoever who’s still reading my blog. Lol.. That will prolly be very few kind souls. Everyone’s busy holidaying. And examing. Okla, I purposely blog just to say I’m back in M’sia d la. It feels not right not to blog bout it you know? Especially when Ms Wong keep publicising it in her blog like it’s some sort of crime that I’m coming back earlier than she IS.

It wasn’t a very smooth ride. First the freaking check-in line was sibeh long. I really should have check-in ONLINE la. So noob ok. Took about 45 minutes to check in. Nvm. The flight was overbooked and I think I was prolly the last few to check in? Me and Xyn had to sit separately. Nvm. Then have to line up for customs and go through to the waiting area and then wait again at the gate to board the plane. Nvm. Then in the SIA flight, found out the stupid entertainment sucked like kisiao (though I still watch some movies) compared to MAS. A piece of advice to Chian, do not, I repeat, DO NOT ever tune in to the Chinese channel. You will find yourself listening to a mix of Lung Piao Piao (however her name is spelt) and and and, I don’t know, some randoms I’ve never even heard of! Really horrible and vegetable laaa. Fine, NVM.

Then came the food, that was ok. But because I was seated so behind, I didn’t get to choose what I get to eat la. Was given whatever they HAD. Which wasn’t bad. Was rather delicious. But I much prefer a CHOICE. Nvm. Then came some minor shakings, aiya, stupid turbulence la. But it’s all good as long as the plane don’t like fall down ten feet or something. Oklo, finally arrive. But in Singapore. Transit. Sien. Need to wait for 3 hours. Me and Xyn just practically waited for the time to come. Then board another shaky (but still safe) flight.

And then finally reach freaking Malaysia. Then wait for luggage and something was wrong with the belt thingy that distributes luggages. Waited intermittently as the belt move and stop and move and stop for no apparent reason. And our luggages were NO WHERE to be seen. But fortunately, it did eventually turn up, just took like 30 minutes longer than usual and so I finally exited KLIA at quarter to 10 like that. Sighs. That sums up the trip. It was tiring, but the ‘chee cheong fun’ I had later that night made it all worth it.


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