Damai Laut Trip

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Just came back from the annual [T.A.G] trip yesterday. Participating members: Me, Lai Kuan, Mei Shan, Bee Kee, Pik Shen, Wai Han, Chui Ling, CK, Gilbert, Xian Boon and Darryl. We went to Damai Laut, Perak for three days two nights. It was a long and exhausting but fulfilling trip.

Day 1
Setting off from KL on 2 pm, we made our way into the highway just to realise SOMEONE had forgotten to grab the hotel voucher for our free rooms. Sibeh noob. So we waited in Muzium Negara while one car drove back to grab it. This is probably the first time I’ve been to the museum, all thanks to Mr Kok. We didn’t go in. Just look around on the outside. Not much of a museum trip la. Eh, I’m 21 ok and there’s a rule that anyone above 12 shall not enter the museum, zoo, etc etc. And so I went to the zoo few years back – that was a homecoming trip, so it’s an exception.

Muzium Negara

We resume our trip and little did we know, it will be another 6 hours before we our foot in Perak. There was traffic jams due to roadwork and we were stuck doing nothing but camwhoring and buzzing each other with walkie talkies. We passed through countless oil palms, endless rice paddies and lakes after lakes, shone upon by the sunset. Some called it pretty. Some called it breathtaking. For me, it was sooooooo long.

Camwhoring in the car due to traffic jam


We finally arrived and checked in to our rooms at late evening, our stomachs crying out with hunger. So we settled with some instant noodles and mahjong while some very kind people drove out half an hour to get us more substantial dinner. They came back with bags of noodles, we had a small feast inside room 223. We continue with a string of mahjong and heart attack games before sticking our smelly feet into the hot bath, which is indeed very very hot.

Day 2
On the next day, we had mild breakfast and proceed towards the jetty. ALL set for Pangkor Island!! Upto this point, I’m too lazy to elaborate more. Just see the pictures and fill in your own captions and stories, thank you for your cooperation.

The girls

The dudes

1st boat to Pangkor

Pangkor Jetty

Waiting for 2nd boat

2nd boat to Pangkor

On the way to some random island


In Coral Island

Han and Boon: so called DISCOVERY

CK and Mei Shan

Bee Kee and me

On the way back from Pangkor


Chui Ling outside the boat

Pik Shen and Chui Ling


Bee Kee: after a tiring day in Pangkor


Pirated Shell: the logo is found nowhere but the main signboard

Day 3
Heading back to KL, but on the way back, we made several stops: Turtle farm and Kampar, Perak.

Turtles featured in Finding Nemo!!!

Close up of the turtles

In the restaurant

A plate of pretty shells

The dead unfortunate being…

So that concludes our trip! Sorry for the lack of words. Very lazy la. Anticipating the next annual trip ^^,

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