The latest ‘Ah Sim’ (Jolene, 2006)

Update: Damai Laut Trip

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I was going to blog about my trip recently, but haven’t get to finish it. So next time la. I just want to announce to the world that, I passed my exams!!!! Though I wasn’t really satisfied with some marks, one in particular, it’s ok. All that matter is I’M GOING ON TO 3RD YEAR!!! More Dent dent dent…

Anyhow, I wasn’t even going to blog about my result. But this particular news intrigued me, so here I am. Allow to me say, Japan rocks!!!!! Haha, those of you who may have some sort of vengeance towards Japan for whatever reason, please don’t bash me. I’m just saying, their innovation really rock!

Click for bigger view

In teaching labs right now, we use the normal stimulator/manikin who has a rotatable head. He’s the savior of all students because he is super resistant to pain. You can pull his head 90 degrees downwards and still, he won’t utter a single word. No complaints at all. Now this is what we call a compliant patient, haha. People, must learn from him ok!

But now this new stimulator is a robot. Very different to the old one. First of all, this one is made a female. Weird. Secondly, it yells in pain when we drilled into the nerve. Die lo. Imagine those student who are using those robots for the first time. First time drillers. Suddenly shriek “ouch”. I’ll be so freaked out and point towards the robot, OMG, she speaked!! Haha. And drilled even deeper inside in shocked.

An interesting point being, this robot has the same height as me!! Now what does that mean? Means hor, my height is popular lo!! Haha. Anyhow la, apparently these robots are really real. This allow the dentist to appreciate the patient’s pain. True la. In the lab, I suka pusing his head, then I pusing. I suka push the drill down hard, I push! So with these robots, aisyeh, have to be careful la. Once it screams, my tutor will come and fail me d! Drilling into the nerve/pulp is a big NONO ma.

And lastly, a vast difference to the old manikin is, this robot has arms and body ler. It has a really pretty outlook. Like watching horror movie like that. Quite scary. And it has breast sensors which keep track if it has been touched inappropriately! Omg. Who in the world is kisiao enough to harass a robot la!!! So disgusting ler. Imagine if it has an alarm that goes off when it’s molested. And if you accidentally touch it. Haha, sibeh embarrassing. Okla. Shall stop here. Update more next time. Bye.


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