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Merry Christmas

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Sigh. It’s belated now. I’d actually written this post on X’mas day after celebrating in Gil’s house. Posted pictures and penned a few hundred words. Then for some god forsaken reason, my net connection decided to freaking disCOnnect. Tsk tsk tsk. So that’s one whole post gone. Sien. Aih, pictures of X’mas and New Year will be updated the next time when I feel like it again. Till then, ciaoz!

Updated pictures: Captions later (if I feel like it =P)


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Long time no see blog

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Nothing much has been happening lately, so instead of boring you all with my daily do(s), I gave up blogging till something more eventful pops up. The other day we celebrated the youngest [T.A.G] member’s birthday, but the real date isn’t here yet, so that’ll be in future entries. Also, tomorrow will be attending Gil’s family X’mas eve party, so will bring more pictures next time. Oh ya, for those who don’t know, I cut my hair d. Quite short. Nevermind la, one year is enough for it to grow long again.

Waiting for concert to start

As of today, I haven’t been shopping much. Sien la. Always go shop also couldn’t find something to buy. Only manage to get one pair of flats. Anyhow, will shop more in the future. Must be fully equipped before heading back to Adelaide lo. And the purpose of this entry, is to blog about this concert I attended yesterday with Gil, Han and Bee Kee.

The stage is farrrrrrrrr away

It was a crowded affair. Fortunately we have VIP seats stands, but unfortunately, the VIP zone is very VERY WIDE. Almost every single soul present there, who has a ticket is a VIP -.-“. Anyhow, free thing is like that la. We didn’t want to squeeze into the super tight crowd in fear of smelling other people’s sweat. So we stood quite a distance from the crowd so that we have oxygen in abundance. If you watched the event on NTV7, don’t say you saw me hor, it is impossible cause the camera didn’t take image of the back of the crowd. Too disperse d, very ugly ma.

David Tao: if you see clearly, nah, the miniature man mah him lo. Haha

We didn’t get to see the artist’s face with our naked eyes because they came in mini(s). Sigh, like Barbie doll like that, super faraway, but we can still see them move here and there la, haha. And there’s two TV screens to aid our vision. And my camera also super cha, zoom till max also kenot take nice pictures, I gave up totally. Only right till the end, I tried to capture some shots la. Blur is better than nothing ma.

When some random are singing, we take random shots

Anyhow, half of the stars there I don’t know one (all from Malaysia one), another half is a more popular mix of Malaysian, Taiwanese and Hong Kong singers. Initially we said we are going to stay until we see one of the big stars, but the organizer placed them all towards the end. So we ended up staying till the last two big stars, David Tao and Stef Sun appeared. We left right after their duet to avoid high traffic. Overall the concert was quite fun la, we spent time enjoying and critiquing singers we like and don’t recognize. We also had a good laugh on weird groups with weird songs, what “Wo tai shuai, shuo yi bu hui tan lian ai” (I’m too good looking, hence not knowing how to date/love), super wtfish.

Stef Sun: singing Hey Jude with David Tao

Lastly, most of the singers sing quite well la, except the cutesy girl. Stef Sun improved a lot from her performance in recent awards show, she sang really well, probably the best of the night la, though Grasshopper also gave a nice performance. Actually the only advantage of watching it live, is the sound and extra interview sessions during commercial breaks. The funniest one is Zai Zai’s one la, the rest all so so oni. Because the hosts kept coming up with real random so-called games. First Zhang Dong Liang was asked to point towards the crowd then the pointed group need to raise their hands la. Then Zai Zai was later asked to do the same, but the pointed group will need to flash their handphone lights. After he pointed the first time, he then asked sheepishly, “Na zhe you xi de yi yi zai na li?” (The meaning behind this game being?). Haha.

Zai Zai – Wo Bu Shi F4

David Tao – Jiu Shi Ai

I took some random videos, er, cannot see face one, only sound. Haha, those who have watched it on TV prolly won’t be interested at all. Quality also not so good. I include it just for my own record hehe. Kla, more entries next time. Chao~

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Worth celebrating

Update: T-T I hate hate HATE the school right know. Mess up my flights by changing the date back to 4th of Feb. What a big disappointment. Sob sob…

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Harlo everybody!!! I’ve been away for long. Hehe. All these while, I spent all my time watching TVB series. I have already finish 2 long series and currently watch 3 more. Amazing lehh. I haven’t been such a TV buff all my life. Too free this summer. Not working. Friends working. Not studying. Friends studying. So I get to do nothing. Besides yum cha sessions, I have all the time in the world to shop. I didn’t. Blog. I didn’t. Eat. I did. Watch. I did. Sleep. I SO did.

Before digressing further, let me get back to the point. People, please clap your hands for ME!! The routine email check this morning proved worthy when I click into this email sent by a school lecturer. Even the title tells me I’m getting something good here. And in the end, my commencement date is pushed back from 4th of Feb to 20th Feb. My heart literally jumped out in excitement ok! Two weeks make a BIGGGGGG difference. I get to spend more time with family and friends. I get to eat more, watch more and sleep more. I get to shop more. Most important of ALL, I get to celebrate Chinese New Year when I thought I’ll never ever get to spend another CNY in Malaysia before graduation. Wahhhh, I’m so so sooo excited!!!!~ I love love love my school to the MAX now. HEHEHE.

So that is why I blogged la. If not, my blog will remained stagnant till er, when another event falls along lo. Hehe. So now if you’ll excuse me, I have to allow myself to indulge in this newly found extended break. Tralalalalala, lalalalala~~~~

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