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Please lend YOUR hand

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Community notice kidnapped from Jolene. As most of you would have know (unless you are living in Mars), three young lives have been robbed off in a recent bus crash near Slim River, Malaysia. While I do not personally know the victims, it surely does not stop one from trying to help putting an end to this nonsense, and I hope you are the same, because who knows, it could have been me or you next time. Although I do not take long journey buses often, I knew how dangerous they can be just by being on a 30 minutes bus ride to KL alone. I have friends who often catch these bus and I can’t even begin to think if the same fate could have befall on them. So if you can be so kind to just lend a blog entry to this good cause. Thank you very much. For more information about the petition, please click here.

Please post this on your blog now to help:

Chung Lern and Nian Ning’s families would like all families and friends of the victims, dead or alive, in the Slim River Bus Crash to come forward and join them in taking action against the bus company. Stand up to seek justice for these three innocent individuals, who were all so young and full of life.

If you have a blog, please call out to ANYONE who

knows someone who survived or did not survive

the crash to come forward to join the Lee family.

Make a huge difference, make a huge fuss.

For now, you may contact Lee Chung Lern at or preferably on his handphone at 012-6670368.

I sure hope there’ll be no good-for-nothing-no-brainers, like the Sharlinie case, who will play a prank call on this kind dude who’s risking his privacy for this cause. To those people, please have some heart la..


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Buh byeeee

s0hng > Chantal Kreviazuk – Leaving on a Jetplane

Halo everybody! It’s time for me to leave Jagung Land once again. Here I would like to express my gratitude and many thanks to [T.A.G] for having me around this wonderful summer holiday! From the exciting trip to Damai Laut and Genting, to the countless yum cha sessions in almost every single corner of Cheras, fruitful shopping trips in KL, blasting karaoke sessions, crazy birthday celebrations, yummy lunches and tummy-filling dinners, funny movies and all the things we’ve done that I couldn’t possibly recall at this moment. Haha.

You all just have to know, I’m really thankful and happy to be able to share this memorable holidays with you guys and love ya all so so much ya!! Just hope none of you got tired of accompanying me around haha, because wei, still got a lot of years to come! But in case you are exhausted, well, you have 10 months to rest till I’ come back. So better let me see your cheerful and welcoming face on November ^^

Special thanks to Giraffe and Camel for giving me a ride whenever I needed one. Special thanks to Rhino and Hippo for your company even though it’s short. Special thanks to WaterFish for being so crazy. Special thanks to Elephant for bring me ‘gai gai’. Special thanks to MountainPig for the lil trip to her Uni. Special thanks to Porcupine and Frog for being in our outings all the time. Special thanks to Monkey for sharing your good news. Special thanks to Buffalo for passing msg(s) along.

To those sending me off, thanks a lot! First time, don’t know how it will feel like. In case if I get teary and didn’t get to say stuff properly, I want to THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!! XOXO~~ It sounds lame, but promise we’ll be friends forever k!! Till me meet again… Take care and goodbye *waves hand*

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Me (-) wisdom tooth

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Five more days left.

I extracted my wisdom tooth (only one) yesterday after it being a pain in the ass for so sooo long. The post-op was a lot worst than I thought. But then it got better very quickly so I’m not in a lot of pain. Only when I stretch my cheek muscles aka buccinator (waaaa I remember one!!!) or when eating that it feels slightly uncomfortable. Other than that, it’s actually done pretty well from what I can gather so far. And oh, now I know why some people have dental phobia. It was indeed rather scary and I did get nervous on the chair, but overall, I rated it a good expeeeeweeeeince (Game Plan, 2008).

‘s0hp0h and Stitch’

I was then prescribed a range of antibiotics and pain killers to minimise post-op complications. Lots of pills to finish, which would have been a hard task for me a few years ago, who was unable to swallow even the tiniest Pil ‘Chi-Kit’ Teck Aun. Nowadays, it’s as if my pharynx has enlarged, swallowing pill is just ‘wet wet water’ only.


And so I went to Genting today (yes I know, AGAIN) but that story and pictures later. And so I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to other things. Until when I was showering that I notice this rash on my legs. And I thought my eyes were fooling me when my legs appeared ridiculously humongous. Shit la, it’s not enough that I am allergic to alcohol (I know!!!!! =( I just found out), now I am freaking allergic to something else which I have no freaking idea.

Unknown rashes with super swollen legs T-T

It’s either the painkillers, which I highly doubt since I wasn’t taking much of it, or the 2 antibiotics I’m prescribed. So which oneeeeee? Sigh~~~~ Since the rash ain’t painful, I’ll continue with the antibiotics just for tonight and see how it goes. Will go back to the dentist tomorrow to see what are the other options lo… Update soon!

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Counting days

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No, I’m not dying. Just counting the days left before I have to leave ‘jagung land’ for the possibly 40 degrees summer heat in good ol’ Adelaide, no thanks to global warming. So far, I’ve eaten a lot. Sleep a lot. Spent a lot. Shopped a lil. Hmm, not much of an achievement, but nonetheless, it has been a fulfilling holiday. As much as I dread going back to Adelaide, I am a lil excited for the starting of 3rd year. Let me say it out loud again, Yay!! I made it ^^.

But then I know, just a few days back into Uni is more than enough to wear off my excitement. You too will feel my pain if you have 9am classes on Monday and 8am classes from Tuesday to Friday. And it’s not even a complete timetable yet, missing some clinic and labs here and there. Omg! Cannot sleep in liaooo, unless if I skip some lectures. But it seems to me that everyday begins with un-skip-able lectures wtf. It will be real hard adjusting back to Uni life.

Anyhow, new year starts with new beginnings. So I hereby pledge (again and again) that I will study hard this year. It’s the same promise made and broken year after year, but I’m still willing to give it a shot year after year. Who knows, I’ll make it some day! Just you wait and see, haha. Big plans of becoming and diligent student, but what about my TVB dramas? And Taiwanese idol series?

As the old saying goes, when there’s a will, there’s a way. So it’s best to think about this later haha. And I know by this point, my blog is getting sien liao, I myself also lazy to read -.-. Let me do you guys a favour by ending this early haha. Hopefully, there’ll be more content next entry. Ciaoz.

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Trip to Genting

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Actually it isn’t very long since the last time I blog ma. Only 10 days. I’m afterall just a feel-like-blog-then-blog blogger. So don’t ‘kira’ with me so much la. I just came back from a trip to Genting Highlands. I don’t know about you, but whenever ‘Genting’ comes up, the first thing in my mind is its theme parks. Oh how I missed the good old days as a child, having endless entries to those wonderful rides. Now that I’m older, tickets are much more pricey and rides are much more scarier. So no more theme parks for me T-T.

Outdoor Theme Park (pics kidnapped from

So besides theme parks, what is there to do? There’s always other entertainment like Snow World, Bowling etc. And another important addition in the recent years, shopping!!! The prices are not much of a difference to KL outlets, a far better deal than some overpriced lousy tasteless wanton mee found in XXX restaurant.

Snowworld (pics kidnapped from

Speaking of food, before this trip, the edible choices only include expensive restaurants or fast food. But my first stay in Theme Park Hotel proved me wrong with some nice places mushrooming out of no where (or was it me who didn’t notice it all this while?). Old Town Cafe in Genting is highly recommended, I find it even tastier than the KL ones haha. And there’s this hidden food court beside Old Town that has a variety of food which taste pretty good! Another brilliant discovery is the normal priced stuff that can be found from Watson located in Theme Park Hotel. Sayonara to overpriced mineral water and BBQ curry Twisties.

Casino (pics kidnapped from

Funny is, of all these things, the first thing my friend thought of when I told her of my recent trip is C-A-S-I-N-O. Lol, Mei Shan, please don’t be so ‘lan dou’ ok! And to think that I am ‘lan dou’ too, ceh! I very guai one la~~ I did felt kind of disappointed when the guard didn’t stop me to verify my age, which is saying “Hello, YOU look so old that I’m freaking sure you are 21 years old, no need check lar!” Man!!!!! It was only when I don my nerdy specs that they started checking my identification. Teehehehehe..

Pokies T-T (pics kidnapped from

Anyway, they say you never really know a person until you stayed with them. Now I found a better option, bring them to the casino! Some people can turn so *ekhem* rude when they gamble. Especially when all they care about is win-win-WIN instead of just-having-a-game-or -two-for-fun kind of attitude. They get so bloody irritated even with the slightest thing, not knowing that they themselves are too, bloody annoying! Oh well, other than that, I also found out that I am not daring enough to gamble. Looking at those people placing bets scared me a lil. They must be real rich, or else, they must be real poooooor. It’s no wonder that why all casinos make money! Anyhow, I myself donated RM10 to Genting – bad pokies, badddd!! Could have bought me at least 10 roti canai(s) albeit the flour scarcity. Sighhhhhhhhhhh..

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Happy Birthday Wai Han!!~

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The first birthday of the year! Quite an elaborate celebration: in advance on 28th, countdown on 2nd and yum cha on 3rd. Gave her a present she really liked. Drank the super big glass of milk tea in Wong Kok. Cut a cake and blown two cakes. And she’s officially XX years old, wohoo!! Wishing waterfish new beginnings to 08 and be blessed in all aspects!

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