Me (-) wisdom tooth

s0hMood > *toothache*

Five more days left.

I extracted my wisdom tooth (only one) yesterday after it being a pain in the ass for so sooo long. The post-op was a lot worst than I thought. But then it got better very quickly so I’m not in a lot of pain. Only when I stretch my cheek muscles aka buccinator (waaaa I remember one!!!) or when eating that it feels slightly uncomfortable. Other than that, it’s actually done pretty well from what I can gather so far. And oh, now I know why some people have dental phobia. It was indeed rather scary and I did get nervous on the chair, but overall, I rated it a good expeeeeweeeeince (Game Plan, 2008).

‘s0hp0h and Stitch’

I was then prescribed a range of antibiotics and pain killers to minimise post-op complications. Lots of pills to finish, which would have been a hard task for me a few years ago, who was unable to swallow even the tiniest Pil ‘Chi-Kit’ Teck Aun. Nowadays, it’s as if my pharynx has enlarged, swallowing pill is just ‘wet wet water’ only.


And so I went to Genting today (yes I know, AGAIN) but that story and pictures later. And so I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to other things. Until when I was showering that I notice this rash on my legs. And I thought my eyes were fooling me when my legs appeared ridiculously humongous. Shit la, it’s not enough that I am allergic to alcohol (I know!!!!! =( I just found out), now I am freaking allergic to something else which I have no freaking idea.

Unknown rashes with super swollen legs T-T

It’s either the painkillers, which I highly doubt since I wasn’t taking much of it, or the 2 antibiotics I’m prescribed. So which oneeeeee? Sigh~~~~ Since the rash ain’t painful, I’ll continue with the antibiotics just for tonight and see how it goes. Will go back to the dentist tomorrow to see what are the other options lo… Update soon!


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