Buh byeeee

s0hng > Chantal Kreviazuk – Leaving on a Jetplane

Halo everybody! It’s time for me to leave Jagung Land once again. Here I would like to express my gratitude and many thanks to [T.A.G] for having me around this wonderful summer holiday! From the exciting trip to Damai Laut and Genting, to the countless yum cha sessions in almost every single corner of Cheras, fruitful shopping trips in KL, blasting karaoke sessions, crazy birthday celebrations, yummy lunches and tummy-filling dinners, funny movies and all the things we’ve done that I couldn’t possibly recall at this moment. Haha.

You all just have to know, I’m really thankful and happy to be able to share this memorable holidays with you guys and love ya all so so much ya!! Just hope none of you got tired of accompanying me around haha, because wei, still got a lot of years to come! But in case you are exhausted, well, you have 10 months to rest till I’ come back. So better let me see your cheerful and welcoming face on November ^^

Special thanks to Giraffe and Camel for giving me a ride whenever I needed one. Special thanks to Rhino and Hippo for your company even though it’s short. Special thanks to WaterFish for being so crazy. Special thanks to Elephant for bring me ‘gai gai’. Special thanks to MountainPig for the lil trip to her Uni. Special thanks to Porcupine and Frog for being in our outings all the time. Special thanks to Monkey for sharing your good news. Special thanks to Buffalo for passing msg(s) along.

To those sending me off, thanks a lot! First time, don’t know how it will feel like. In case if I get teary and didn’t get to say stuff properly, I want to THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!! XOXO~~ It sounds lame, but promise we’ll be friends forever k!! Till me meet again… Take care and goodbye *waves hand*


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