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I’m late, and…

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A certain someone has been bugging me to blog. You know who you are. It doesn’t help the fact that I seriously have nothing to blog about. I have no extreme purchases. I have no reflections to share. Hear it? Nadaaa~ The most eventful thing I can think of is how I crossed a certain lecturer (shall be named D from now on) in Uni the other day. So it happened that I was late to class. Like always since the beginning of this year. Aiya, only few minutes maaaaa. I can’t help the fact that I’ve decided to snooze a little bit longer than I was supposed to in an extremely early morning. I knew D was going to be the lecturer that morning but it somehow didn’t click into my sleepy head. And that same morning, very stupid me decided to drag kilo(s) of textbooks to sell them off next week. I could have done it the day before. I didn’t. Could have left it till the next day. I didn’t. This prevented me from running all the way down to the ever-so-far lecture hall, which could have probably saved me a few minutes and the lateness altogether.

The worst mistake I made was probably not paying any attention to D when I walked in. The first thing in my mind was to find a seat, be as quick as possible! Clearly that didn’t work as someone nudged me back and there D was, stating out loud, “Don’t walk PASS me” with that ever darting gaze, sending chills down my spine. Just when I thought I’ll be extremely freaked out, not only was I calm, I kind of laughed in the inside. D continued to stare at me blindly and I just look back with that whatever smile, while waiting for D to like finally hand me the handout after what seemed like eternity. Like I have already said sorry, so what you want me to do? Kneel down and beg for your forgiveness?

I could already feel the amount of sympathetic eyes on me, well, might have had a fair few who’s enjoying the drama and I don’t blame you, cause I do too hahaha. I was told by a friend who was also late, that I need to see D after class. I didn’t actually hear D saying that to me, perhaps D had, I must have been so out of it or I’m selectively deaf. And so there I was after class, and D started talking to me in a manner I would not have expected in a million years after that earlier encounter. I was expecting some serious scolding plus sarcasm because it is afterall my fault, not going to make an excuse for it. Surprisingly, D set the record straight (lectures start on the hour sharp, not ten past like other lectures) in such a polite tone, I cannot even believe my ears. Maybe I am really deaf?

Then D started spilling advices I could not quite comprehend: don’t show too much skin, some patient might feel offended and don’t wear thongs. Well first of all, I was fully covered except for my arms and I wasn’t even wearing spaghetti straps. The neckline might have been a little wide but does it even matter? For all I know, I could have turn up in a tube and still get away with it because I will be wearing clinic coat. Secondly, I wasn’t going to see any patients that day. So unless I have the word ‘dental student’ written across my forehead, no other souls will think otherwise. Thirdly, I was wearing boots, not thongs – D must have seen right past me to another student. Even if I were, I have no clinics to attend and who says I can’t go change later? I didn’t search high and low for the appropriate clinic shoes for nothing ok. Anyhow, to sum things up, D’s attitude was friendly and hence I (dumbfounded) just took in whatever D said instead of making a fuss about it. So people, attitude does matter.


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O-week update

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Hallelujah!!!~~~ I passed the local anesthetics test. Not a big achievement, no. But hey, it spares me the pain of sitting it again, which is exactly what I need. Muahaha. Besides that, I really have no other reason to blog. Oh, I have a day off tomorrow and having plans to play basketball and sing K. Fun fun fun. Then Wednesday continue with boring lectures, no clinic for me, which means no patients for me. Then Thursday off again, wow wow WOW. Then Friday again with boring lectures and no clinic, no patient since I am rostered off due to the lack of space and overwhelming number of dental students trying to get a chair – meaning the place you sit on, we work in. Which means I won’t get to see my lucky patient until next week! But then later I was told I still have to turn up despite being R/O to be a dental assistant for my group. Fun, not. And witness them seeing patients I don’t get. Even more sien ah. My time will come, my time will COME!

Hibernator (Pseudopie, 2008) has her first patient coming in this very day. Coooool right? I shall interrogate her later to see how it went. And while I was in lab today, there were alternating groups of 1st years touring the labs. Sigh, those enthusiastic and fun faces, by the time first term ends, it will be like ours – unenthusiastic and un-fun. It’s still O-week in Adelaide Uni so anyone catching any good freebies around campus, tell me ya! Lol-ing. There’s yummy cupcakes in OCF booth =) and that’s about all I know. Mmmmmm~~, cupcakes…… I shall end this post with a funny view I spotted around Uni this morning, chiao bellos!!

Bicycle from Mars

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3 weeks into 3rd year

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Today my so-called commencement term finishes and ahead is an orientation week that really has nothing to do with orientation, except for the timetable being slightly empty. Then will come the official start to 3rd year program with grueling timetables. I start at like 8.30am the latest every day, but on the bright side, at least I don’t get late clinics anymore. The latest class ends around 6pm me thinks. I’ll get to see real patients soon, yay! But without an assistant, darn. I am hoping for extra nice grandma(s), no offense to grandpa(s), it’s just that I will prefer females to males for some reason. I’m not discriminating ler, it’s just like how some patients prefer males over females what. Before that though, I’ll have to resit this Local Anesthetic test. Sien. SIEN. I missed out the elevated passing mark by 1, can you imagine how annoyed I was, having to sit the sien test again, when I should already have passed it in the first place. If only they told me earlier that the passing mark is around 65 instead of 50%. Big difference can? Would have probably studied harder….

And then I have to start collecting natural teeth again =( For those who don’t know, that means getting teeth from dental practices. Yes, those teeth the dentist pulls out due to whatever reason and God knows they belonged to who. Ever since doing it in 1st year, and having only used them ONCE, I thought I’ll never need to touch those disgusting beings ever again. The main problem doesn’t actually lies with handling them. It is storing them that’s so difficult. After I get those teeth (if I do get any, wasn’t successful last time and end up scabbing from Ying Ying), it goes through a tough selection process where the unsightly ones are eliminated. But this time around, I am suppose to collect unsightly onessss T-T, meaning they’re rotten, bloody and smelly, ewwwww. Then the teeth are poured up in acrylic base and that’s where the problem arises. I have to keep it immersed in a disinfectant solution contained within a lousy takeaway plastic box that not only leaks around the sides, but also cracks beneath the slightest pressure. The disinfectant is not stronger than I would have liked and to me, it’s just dirty water altogether.

And to my dismay, I have to store it in my locker, alongside my instruments, coats and bag etc. The previous one I made has been rotting in my locker for 2 whole years and thank God I will finally use it this year. At least the times where the box was somehow flipped and spilled the contaminated solution all over my locker ain’t worth nothing. But Perky got it worst than me. She owns the bottom locker and the top locker belongs to a 1st year student who’s solution also got spilled and leaked into Perky’s locker, twice, over her then newly bought NineWest bag. Cham cham. If me ah, that person sure kena cursed like kisiao. Speaking of which, shit, I have a bottom locker this year!!!!!! But that locker ain’t clean anyway – I was so sooo disappointed to discover this yellowish dried-out stain on my newly allocated locker this year, when I actually took an effort to clean my old one out last year for the new ‘tenant’. Sobs. I shall be ignorant next time, hmmph!!

So now, who wants to share the Milton solution with me? ^^

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Hic, hic, hiccc

s0hMood > *cold* (Did I not say the weather here is a B*TCH!!)

I was having one of those weird days yesterday – full of hiccups. And I mean it literally. It kept coming up to the point that I’ve tried every single thing up my sleeves and they don’t work, grrr!! The first time, I drank water. Second time, I did the same. Didn’t work, so I drank more. Then third time, I was so filled with water by now, I held my breath. Well well, it didn’t work, no surprise there. I manage to somehow skidded past that and then came the fourth, the fifth and so on – man, I cannot hold my breath for more than 15 seconds (claimed by Wendy). I was like wth? I used to be able to do MUCH longer. And I can’t seem to hold my breath properly too!

Anyway, just when I thought the saga’s over for the day, then came a few more during dinner and at night. Gosh, what the hell is wrong with MEEEEEEE. And so I decided to look it up on Wikipedia. So like Wendy said, hiccup is caused when your diaphragm is displaced or as Wiki calls it, spasm. Why on earth am I having all these unnecessary spasms? And so Wiki told me it’s to dislodge food that’s either stuck on their way down, or are moving too slowly. Oh just great, now my esophagus ain’t working properly. According to Wiki anyway.

But what I was most interested in was how can I freaking stop it. Like I haven’t had a day in my life with two hiccups, not to say seven times or so all at once. It is soooooo annoying, especially when I’m trying to focus in class, for once! Maybe it’s a hint, lol. So knows-it-all Wiki says that a fright usually helps. That’s hard to achieve because it’s not like I can go around asking people to scare me when I already knew they are going to scare me, which means I won’t be scared? Some funny ones are like, blowing a balloon, breathe normally with pinched earlobes ROFL, chew on peanutbutter HUH?? and most WTF of all, induce orgasm OMFG. Weird solutions for tiny stuff. Ah well, I’m glad it’s over now and fingers crossed that it won’t come back in a row, ever!

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s0hMood > *Hot* (Weather here is such a b*tch)

It’s been soooo long ago since I last blog. At this rate, I’m only gonna be blogging once a week, four times a month, which isn’t so bad if you ask me, compared to someone who’s been MIA-ing for quite a WHILE now. She probably has forgotten the existence of her blog, or the very least, url of her blog =P Anyway, nothing much has been going on in my life at the moment, which explains the lack of blogging. There’s only uni, uni and uni. And some basketball, some badminton, some spring summer cleanings and some drama(s) indulging time.

A friend of mine is getting married today? I think la. Pretty sure it is. So congratulations, friend. Wishing you a super duper perfect wedding (though it’s not quite perfect without me haha) and an everlasting marriage. Better make sure I get those pictureeees!!! And video if possible. Sighhhh, first friend getting married and I can’t be there T-T You people better make sure you choose your wedding dates like after I graduate, hmmph~ Yala, none of you seemed like you’re going to be anytime soon, but YOU never know whattt. So yea. Remember hor, after 2010 ok?

Since I have nothing to write about, I shall do some backdating entries. Presenting you the long overdue pictures from January when I went to The Eye, Malaysia. Kind of disappointed, it was NOT so hyped up as it seemed, all because I was like a month late but that really shouldn’t matter since hello, they did extend the date to Aug 08 wut. But they decided to cut cost, typical Malaysian style – no fireworks display, no laser show, and no freaking lights surrounding the blardy EYE ok!!! %$@^%(_&+!@&$_)@%& When I saw it with my eyes, The Eye fell way too short from my visioned expectations, pun intended. I see no Eye reflecting back on my eye wor, 666!!!!!!!! Anyhow, pics for those who are interested.

At the famous wanton mee stall, Petaling Street and oh, the tattoo is fake

‘Jing-dong-bao’ or so I called it, made by a father to doctors

Random shot on the way to The Eye

Tadaaaaa~ The not so nice EYEEEEEE

What it used to look like, picture courtesy of Carine

Me and Han, yala yala, very dull Eye I know!!!

Han and Gil, and yes, KLCC looks nicer =(

Random pose

Random pose II

Random pose III
Pik and Ling inside The Eye

Ck and Shan

Me and Boon

Down under

KLCC from afar

Sit one, two rounds then sien liao

Came down after what it seems like less than 10 minutes, what a rip-off!!

Group pic minus Ling, the real group pics taken by public members were sha~a~aky

The gurls

The dudes

The end, thanks for reading, byeeeee~

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Gong Xi Fa Chai

s0hMood > *Dong dong dong chiang*

Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni hey! Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!~ A bit late, but it is still considered as Chinese New Year, though it’s pretty much over for me. Well let me say that, it never really started. Lol. Nola, this CNY is probably one of the most ‘somewhat happening’ CNY of all that I’ve spent in Adelaide. Others were just blah with exclamation marks. Am not going to elaborate on what I did, cos it still fails to live up to the ones in Malaysia, so why put myself through the comparison once again. And I hate you Chian!!!! For no apparent reason. Haha.

Anyway, I’m sure you guys would have had a splendid and wonderful Chinese New Year, so wish you all a prosperous, fulfilling, happy and healthy year of rat! Please eat, drink and gamble on my behalf, thank you very much. Xin Nian Kuai Le, Wan Shi Ru Yi, Bu Bu Gao Xing and Xue Ye Jing Bu. Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni…..

End of CNY, now back to uni. I’m having Monday off, woo hoo!! And this week, we’ve been doing injections, restorations, impressions and something new, pouring out our own yellow stone cast. It was SO much fun!! Now I sound like I like uni so much. Hmm. Well, I do enjoy it at times. Though my timetable at the moment does suck a lil, but I bet it’s going to be worst when we commence for real. A bit nervous since we’re going to treat real patients from the hospital this year, well, hope I get a wonderful understanding patient. Got to be extra nice to the receptionists. And brush up my communication skills in terms of explaining procedures to patients. Not too bad for a Chinese New Year resolution. Why am I steering back to that?!! So yea, I’m loving 3rd year (atm) ^^

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To stay or not to stay?

s0hMood > *undecided*

Many times before have people asked me if I will be heading back to Jagung Land after my graduation (assuming that I do graduate, of course =P). And whilst others may take a few years to finally come to a decision, I sternly replied n-o, NO. The main reason being I didn’t wanted to work for the Government for 3 years when I could have already be practicing in private dent surgeries. While working in a public hospital ain’t such a bad idea since I am (will be) indeed a fresh grad, but I despise the idea of being forced to do something just to acquire the license to practise in Malaysia when elsewhere, I am already a full-fledge registered dent. The point of whether or not I want to help is of little importance. The thing is, why is it compulsory? It really should be optional instead of forcing fresh grads into the public sector. Wouldn’t they rather have willingly determined people to serve the public than some rebellious unhappy people do that?

Anyway, what I wanted to say actually is that despite that being the main reason deterring me from heading back, there’s also others like job prospects (since dent so unpopular…), future, financial considerations etc. I know some people will be thinking, what about your family? Your friends? Well, my family wanted me to stay, and my friends will probably want me to go back. I myself actually don’t really mind, although for most of the time, the clear choice has been to continue staying here. It has been what I wanted all the time since I arrived 4 years ago, until recently when I arrived here once again. I was a lil depressed, and I started to think, maybe what I wanted ain’t here? Put aside the Government service thingy. Jagung land is afterall the place I have been living for 18 long years. Even after being here for quite some time already, I do feel extremely happy everytime I am back in the place, with the people and doing things I am familiar with. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy over here in Adl, but it isn’t the same. I remember how frustrated I got when I stepped into Adl this year after finding everything so familiar, sheesh, like the rubbish bins and trees are trying to remind me I’m not in KL.

So, do I really want to stay here? Sigh. I didn’t manage to figure it out. I think in the end, it will all depends to what happened in the next 3 years. Maybe I will stay, maybe I won’t. Whatever happen in the future, I just hope I won’t regret the decision. Perhaps the me in 3 years time, looking back at this post will feel real ridiculous, but this is to remind myself that, I was at one point really inclined to the option of going back, despite having to get low low pay, OMG!! I can’t even start to believe myself lol.

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