One uneventful day

s0hMood > *Hot*

Did I mention I was back? I didn’t? Oh well. I am. The first few days back was hot and depressing. Did feel kind of homesick, or maybe it was something else. Who knows, just felt depressed. Unlike the ongoing melodrama Britney’s style, I’m all cleared and is in no need of medical intervention thank you very much. God or Buddha, or whoever up there loves me, and I love you too! That being said though, the weather is still very hot. Sweats.

Checking in

KLCC, Maxis Tower, KL Tower…

Was going to post up some overdue pictures taken during Xb’s Bday, The Eye and Genting Trip. But that will all need to be postponed indefinitely till I get them back and feel like uploading them. Why can’t Blogger come up with a easy upload tool? But chances have it that even if they do, I prolly won’t be using them anyway. Fine. No easy upload tool then!

Heading to KFC

Hugeass lollipops, extremely overpriced…

So school’s starting next week and I have some prep work to do. Sien. Need to do some loads of reading first before I’ll have the confidence of sticking a needle into someone’s mouth the first day back. Talk about timing. But super duper glad that I’m in the same group with Wendy and Adila, heheeeeee. At least then clinics and labs won’t be so bored and lonely ^^,

Bye byeee~

Now this post is going to be extremely pointless. Hmm, more substance next time. Post abruptly ends.


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