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It’s been soooo long ago since I last blog. At this rate, I’m only gonna be blogging once a week, four times a month, which isn’t so bad if you ask me, compared to someone who’s been MIA-ing for quite a WHILE now. She probably has forgotten the existence of her blog, or the very least, url of her blog =P Anyway, nothing much has been going on in my life at the moment, which explains the lack of blogging. There’s only uni, uni and uni. And some basketball, some badminton, some spring summer cleanings and some drama(s) indulging time.

A friend of mine is getting married today? I think la. Pretty sure it is. So congratulations, friend. Wishing you a super duper perfect wedding (though it’s not quite perfect without me haha) and an everlasting marriage. Better make sure I get those pictureeees!!! And video if possible. Sighhhh, first friend getting married and I can’t be there T-T You people better make sure you choose your wedding dates like after I graduate, hmmph~ Yala, none of you seemed like you’re going to be anytime soon, but YOU never know whattt. So yea. Remember hor, after 2010 ok?

Since I have nothing to write about, I shall do some backdating entries. Presenting you the long overdue pictures from January when I went to The Eye, Malaysia. Kind of disappointed, it was NOT so hyped up as it seemed, all because I was like a month late but that really shouldn’t matter since hello, they did extend the date to Aug 08 wut. But they decided to cut cost, typical Malaysian style – no fireworks display, no laser show, and no freaking lights surrounding the blardy EYE ok!!! %$@^%(_&+!@&$_)@%& When I saw it with my eyes, The Eye fell way too short from my visioned expectations, pun intended. I see no Eye reflecting back on my eye wor, 666!!!!!!!! Anyhow, pics for those who are interested.

At the famous wanton mee stall, Petaling Street and oh, the tattoo is fake

‘Jing-dong-bao’ or so I called it, made by a father to doctors

Random shot on the way to The Eye

Tadaaaaa~ The not so nice EYEEEEEE

What it used to look like, picture courtesy of Carine

Me and Han, yala yala, very dull Eye I know!!!

Han and Gil, and yes, KLCC looks nicer =(

Random pose

Random pose II

Random pose III
Pik and Ling inside The Eye

Ck and Shan

Me and Boon

Down under

KLCC from afar

Sit one, two rounds then sien liao

Came down after what it seems like less than 10 minutes, what a rip-off!!

Group pic minus Ling, the real group pics taken by public members were sha~a~aky

The gurls

The dudes

The end, thanks for reading, byeeeee~


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