Hic, hic, hiccc

s0hMood > *cold* (Did I not say the weather here is a B*TCH!!)

I was having one of those weird days yesterday – full of hiccups. And I mean it literally. It kept coming up to the point that I’ve tried every single thing up my sleeves and they don’t work, grrr!! The first time, I drank water. Second time, I did the same. Didn’t work, so I drank more. Then third time, I was so filled with water by now, I held my breath. Well well, it didn’t work, no surprise there. I manage to somehow skidded past that and then came the fourth, the fifth and so on – man, I cannot hold my breath for more than 15 seconds (claimed by Wendy). I was like wth? I used to be able to do MUCH longer. And I can’t seem to hold my breath properly too!

Anyway, just when I thought the saga’s over for the day, then came a few more during dinner and at night. Gosh, what the hell is wrong with MEEEEEEE. And so I decided to look it up on Wikipedia. So like Wendy said, hiccup is caused when your diaphragm is displaced or as Wiki calls it, spasm. Why on earth am I having all these unnecessary spasms? And so Wiki told me it’s to dislodge food that’s either stuck on their way down, or are moving too slowly. Oh just great, now my esophagus ain’t working properly. According to Wiki anyway.

But what I was most interested in was how can I freaking stop it. Like I haven’t had a day in my life with two hiccups, not to say seven times or so all at once. It is soooooo annoying, especially when I’m trying to focus in class, for once! Maybe it’s a hint, lol. So knows-it-all Wiki says that a fright usually helps. That’s hard to achieve because it’s not like I can go around asking people to scare me when I already knew they are going to scare me, which means I won’t be scared? Some funny ones are like, blowing a balloon, breathe normally with pinched earlobes ROFL, chew on peanutbutter HUH?? and most WTF of all, induce orgasm OMFG. Weird solutions for tiny stuff. Ah well, I’m glad it’s over now and fingers crossed that it won’t come back in a row, ever!


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