3 weeks into 3rd year

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Today my so-called commencement term finishes and ahead is an orientation week that really has nothing to do with orientation, except for the timetable being slightly empty. Then will come the official start to 3rd year program with grueling timetables. I start at like 8.30am the latest every day, but on the bright side, at least I don’t get late clinics anymore. The latest class ends around 6pm me thinks. I’ll get to see real patients soon, yay! But without an assistant, darn. I am hoping for extra nice grandma(s), no offense to grandpa(s), it’s just that I will prefer females to males for some reason. I’m not discriminating ler, it’s just like how some patients prefer males over females what. Before that though, I’ll have to resit this Local Anesthetic test. Sien. SIEN. I missed out the elevated passing mark by 1, can you imagine how annoyed I was, having to sit the sien test again, when I should already have passed it in the first place. If only they told me earlier that the passing mark is around 65 instead of 50%. Big difference can? Would have probably studied harder….

And then I have to start collecting natural teeth again =( For those who don’t know, that means getting teeth from dental practices. Yes, those teeth the dentist pulls out due to whatever reason and God knows they belonged to who. Ever since doing it in 1st year, and having only used them ONCE, I thought I’ll never need to touch those disgusting beings ever again. The main problem doesn’t actually lies with handling them. It is storing them that’s so difficult. After I get those teeth (if I do get any, wasn’t successful last time and end up scabbing from Ying Ying), it goes through a tough selection process where the unsightly ones are eliminated. But this time around, I am suppose to collect unsightly onessss T-T, meaning they’re rotten, bloody and smelly, ewwwww. Then the teeth are poured up in acrylic base and that’s where the problem arises. I have to keep it immersed in a disinfectant solution contained within a lousy takeaway plastic box that not only leaks around the sides, but also cracks beneath the slightest pressure. The disinfectant is not stronger than I would have liked and to me, it’s just dirty water altogether.

And to my dismay, I have to store it in my locker, alongside my instruments, coats and bag etc. The previous one I made has been rotting in my locker for 2 whole years and thank God I will finally use it this year. At least the times where the box was somehow flipped and spilled the contaminated solution all over my locker ain’t worth nothing. But Perky got it worst than me. She owns the bottom locker and the top locker belongs to a 1st year student who’s solution also got spilled and leaked into Perky’s locker, twice, over her then newly bought NineWest bag. Cham cham. If me ah, that person sure kena cursed like kisiao. Speaking of which, shit, I have a bottom locker this year!!!!!! But that locker ain’t clean anyway – I was so sooo disappointed to discover this yellowish dried-out stain on my newly allocated locker this year, when I actually took an effort to clean my old one out last year for the new ‘tenant’. Sobs. I shall be ignorant next time, hmmph!!

So now, who wants to share the Milton solution with me? ^^


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