O-week update

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Hallelujah!!!~~~ I passed the local anesthetics test. Not a big achievement, no. But hey, it spares me the pain of sitting it again, which is exactly what I need. Muahaha. Besides that, I really have no other reason to blog. Oh, I have a day off tomorrow and having plans to play basketball and sing K. Fun fun fun. Then Wednesday continue with boring lectures, no clinic for me, which means no patients for me. Then Thursday off again, wow wow WOW. Then Friday again with boring lectures and no clinic, no patient since I am rostered off due to the lack of space and overwhelming number of dental students trying to get a chair – meaning the place you sit on, we work in. Which means I won’t get to see my lucky patient until next week! But then later I was told I still have to turn up despite being R/O to be a dental assistant for my group. Fun, not. And witness them seeing patients I don’t get. Even more sien ah. My time will come, my time will COME!

Hibernator (Pseudopie, 2008) has her first patient coming in this very day. Coooool right? I shall interrogate her later to see how it went. And while I was in lab today, there were alternating groups of 1st years touring the labs. Sigh, those enthusiastic and fun faces, by the time first term ends, it will be like ours – unenthusiastic and un-fun. It’s still O-week in Adelaide Uni so anyone catching any good freebies around campus, tell me ya! Lol-ing. There’s yummy cupcakes in OCF booth =) and that’s about all I know. Mmmmmm~~, cupcakes…… I shall end this post with a funny view I spotted around Uni this morning, chiao bellos!!

Bicycle from Mars

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