I’m late, and…

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A certain someone has been bugging me to blog. You know who you are. It doesn’t help the fact that I seriously have nothing to blog about. I have no extreme purchases. I have no reflections to share. Hear it? Nadaaa~ The most eventful thing I can think of is how I crossed a certain lecturer (shall be named D from now on) in Uni the other day. So it happened that I was late to class. Like always since the beginning of this year. Aiya, only few minutes maaaaa. I can’t help the fact that I’ve decided to snooze a little bit longer than I was supposed to in an extremely early morning. I knew D was going to be the lecturer that morning but it somehow didn’t click into my sleepy head. And that same morning, very stupid me decided to drag kilo(s) of textbooks to sell them off next week. I could have done it the day before. I didn’t. Could have left it till the next day. I didn’t. This prevented me from running all the way down to the ever-so-far lecture hall, which could have probably saved me a few minutes and the lateness altogether.

The worst mistake I made was probably not paying any attention to D when I walked in. The first thing in my mind was to find a seat, be as quick as possible! Clearly that didn’t work as someone nudged me back and there D was, stating out loud, “Don’t walk PASS me” with that ever darting gaze, sending chills down my spine. Just when I thought I’ll be extremely freaked out, not only was I calm, I kind of laughed in the inside. D continued to stare at me blindly and I just look back with that whatever smile, while waiting for D to like finally hand me the handout after what seemed like eternity. Like I have already said sorry, so what you want me to do? Kneel down and beg for your forgiveness?

I could already feel the amount of sympathetic eyes on me, well, might have had a fair few who’s enjoying the drama and I don’t blame you, cause I do too hahaha. I was told by a friend who was also late, that I need to see D after class. I didn’t actually hear D saying that to me, perhaps D had, I must have been so out of it or I’m selectively deaf. And so there I was after class, and D started talking to me in a manner I would not have expected in a million years after that earlier encounter. I was expecting some serious scolding plus sarcasm because it is afterall my fault, not going to make an excuse for it. Surprisingly, D set the record straight (lectures start on the hour sharp, not ten past like other lectures) in such a polite tone, I cannot even believe my ears. Maybe I am really deaf?

Then D started spilling advices I could not quite comprehend: don’t show too much skin, some patient might feel offended and don’t wear thongs. Well first of all, I was fully covered except for my arms and I wasn’t even wearing spaghetti straps. The neckline might have been a little wide but does it even matter? For all I know, I could have turn up in a tube and still get away with it because I will be wearing clinic coat. Secondly, I wasn’t going to see any patients that day. So unless I have the word ‘dental student’ written across my forehead, no other souls will think otherwise. Thirdly, I was wearing boots, not thongs – D must have seen right past me to another student. Even if I were, I have no clinics to attend and who says I can’t go change later? I didn’t search high and low for the appropriate clinic shoes for nothing ok. Anyhow, to sum things up, D’s attitude was friendly and hence I (dumbfounded) just took in whatever D said instead of making a fuss about it. So people, attitude does matter.


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