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I haven’t been blogging for a while, so I figured, instead of leaving it stagnant, I’m better off writing something, though it’s totally boring and just plainly about me, me and ME. Hmm. Let’s see. I was suppose to have my first restoration next Monday, but the patient canceled. Don’t know whether I should consider myself lucky or not because on one hand, I have to do two very complicated amalgam fillings and on the other hand, that means I might not get to see a patient, or have to examine yet another brand new patient, and pulling my hair out as to when to schedule him/her in.

You see, I don’t have many clinic sessions, only get them every alternate weeks, and juggling patients around isn’t exactly my idea of fun, it gets frustrating at times. Especially when *cough* R(s) *cough* ain’t helping. But I know some really do try their very best and I appreciate it a lot because it does make my life a lot less harder. Imagine doing a double booking and when two patients turn up after their long 30 minutes or so journey from their respective homes, expecting YOU to see them and in the end, you have to toss the coin to decide who’s the lucky one. The patient ain’t happy, tutor ain’t happy and you certainly, won’t be anywhere near happy. They always say communication is important, and man, I couldn’t agree more!! Luckily I did check up on my appointments or else, the worst of me will definitely cry out on my next Perio clinic. Phew.

Now let’s get into some bitching. It was just a small thing, don’t get too excited ok. Might even sound lame. But you know, I haven’t been bitching (my blog I mean. I bitch about ppl every single day in real life, duh) for quite some time, so any bitching is GOOD bitching. Me, Soph and Yinan were standing in front of the lift when I saw notorious B (note: nothing to do with real names) passing by and so naturally, I drew a faint smile. I mean just a polite smile, nothing too much, just like what you do when you see a stranger that kind of thing. B, who didn’t look very amused, didn’t reply my smile, scowling almost (T-T, okla, like I care) – which wasn’t anything out of expectations. I mean if people want to be rude, then let it be la ok.

The weird thing is, then B looked at Soph and flashed this SUPER big gao gao smile, like never in a gazillion years, complete with a fully enthusiastic miming HIIIIIII~~~ This is not the typical hi, it’s a HIIIIII sooooo big that I can practically see B’s uvula without trying. What a fakerrrrrr! Maybe B was just being nice and that Soph appears to be much nicer than me, who probably gives off a bitchy vibe. I have to admit that I’m not very nice towards B, aiya, in my opinion, if I don’t like you, then what’s the point of trying to be friendly with you and everyone else in the world like I’m a saint or something. Don’t like then don’t like, no need to pretend.

So at this point, some of you might probably think, “So then if you don’t like the person, why bother to smile when you see them?” Then what do you suggest me to do? Hmm, like totally ignore them maybe? I think that’s really rude la. Even if I hate the person to their bones, I can still manage a smile when I see them. It’s a very basic courtesy what! Anyhow, the thing that got me most is not because B didn’t smile, it’s the fact that how B’s attitude changes – it’s almost like a pot luck thing and you never know what to expect when you see B. Plus the number one rule (in my view) when you don’t like someone is, never ever ask for their help cause think about it, you won’t be willing to give them yours when they asked for it right? So if I won’t do it for others, then I won’t ask people to do it for me. If only you see the face when B wanted something from Y-O-U. Wahlao, sweet like no other. *Shudders* If only there’s such thing as a sign on people’s forehead noting 2-faced biatches, now we all would appreciate that wouldn’t we? But more often than not, we can all effortlessly spot those kind of beings and just STAY AWAY. Unless of course, if you’re one of those innocent ones who just accept everyone as they are. In a way, I kind of envy those people because they can just befriend anyone without having to think twice, but sometimes, I have to say I’m glad that I had been cautious and not meddled with them. Spare me those unnecessary drama please!


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Happy Easter!!!

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We have this infection control lab last week? or the week before. Anyway, we took swabs of various things, from the bench top to our noses and cultivated the invisible bacteria into little visible colonies. It was kind of boring and interesting at the same time. Boring being the session took ages, and interesting seeing the results of our cultivations in the petri dishes. Kind of disgusting too.

Bacteria on bare hands, a finger is there to protect the innocent..

After washing hand with just water, remember ppl, soaps are invented for a reason

Throat swab

The other day, I had my very first Perio patient. She was a real sweetheart! Fulling hugging me just right after I called her name from the waiting area. So so nice. And guess what, she’s Italian again!!! I think by now we can all come into the conclusion that all Italians are really nice! She didn’t have much problems though, but I still need to see her in four separate appointments and put her on a recall appointment by the end of it. So it should turn out fine. I finally took my first bitewing(s) of the year, after being in a few clinics where the tutor opted for OPGs instead. I was waiting and waiting, and finally!! From 3rd year onwards, I need to record and collect all the x-rays (which at this point only include bitewings and periapicals, not OPGs) I take myself in order to obtain radiography licence by end of the course. And they turned out good, yay!

At a very happy note, Easter holidays are here, hehehe. So we had a steamboat (again, I knowwww) to celebrate the starting of this long awaited break. I ate sooo much that I probably didn’t need any food for the next few days. Certainly did not help when we started playing games in a attempt to finish the food and I ended losing some, hence, forced to eat more. I could literally taste food at the back of my throat. Gulps. After that, we all jumped into another impromptu karaoke session, making it like the Nth time since I arrived back in Adelaide. And I’m only roughly 2 months back. What about the remaining months? Aisyeh. At the end of the year, I’ll be karaoke queen liao. Albeit still kinda sucky in singing, but with all the practice I’m getting, I’m bound to get better right? Right… That night we also discovered 2 true karaoke queens, Michele and Sophia, their voices are so soo nice neh!

It was the first time going to sing K with such a big group in Adelaide. Other times, there’s only like four or five of us. We went to Kbox in Hindley, just to discover that they’re full until 12.30am. So we went across to Melody box, and they too don’t have rooms till they tell us they have one. Wahlao, they like want us to wait there. Kisiao, later no room then what? I ma ‘bai bai deng’ for few hours? Noob one. So we finally went to Buddha Bar, our last choice since it’s the most expensive one. But turned out that from Sunday to Thursday, we are entitled to 50% discount, so in the end, we only paid 4 bucks each. Super cheap!!! Of course Malaysia’s much cheaper, so there’s no need to remind me about that, you guys who can still enjoy K-lunch or Happy Hours in Redbox T-T. But 4 bucks is the cheapest I can get and I’m already very satisfied.

After the night ended, I went to stay over at Wendy’s, an impromptu decision again, and she gave me her master bedroom. Sounds so generous hor?? Haha, she used to sleep there but then moved to the other room because it was too hot during the past few weeks and the airconditioner couldn’t reach the master bedroom. See la, gave me the room without aircon one. Tsk tsk tsk. Joking la, it’s already colder these days, so it was really comfortable staying there. Except the fact that we talked till like 4 in the morning, so I was practically awake for er, *counts counts*, 19 hours, since that morning I had 8 o’clock lectures. And I had to give Han’s place a pass cause I was so tired, sorry Han!!!! But all in all, it was still fun la, don’t get me wrong k, Wendy. I compensated for it yesterday anyway, woke up at 12pm zzz. On top of that, I get another Krispy Kreme for breakfast. Super yummy! Sighs, Wendy got me addicted to doughnuts all over again… But thanks though, it was really very nice ^^,

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Worth celebrating

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I’ve just seen my very 2nd patient today!!!!!!! Wasn’t really excited because most people are already starting to do restorations and I’m stuck doing another examination because my previous patient was discharged. So this time around, I did get a female patient, which is what I wanted from the very beginning. But then people started telling me male patients are better, less complains, higher pain tolerance etc etc. So I thought, you know, maybe female patient isn’t such a good idea. Contrary to popular beliefs though, it turned out to be really good. My conclusion is, gender doesn’t matter, they just got to be Italian ^^,

Had a very good session today, I managed to finish on time, with all paperwork done, Titanium system logged, without the DA chasing us out. I was like 5 minutes late last time. Lol. Today, I even manage to give my patient a scale clean!!! Though others in my group were also pretty much at the same pace, it’s just comforting to know that I’m sitting alright. Don’t have to be on top, just pleaseeee don’t be at the bottom.

But scaling today was really difficult. Even with the ultrasonic scaler. Don’t know what it was, but I had to bend my back and neck till the extent I’m actually aware that they’re bent and felt those muscles aching. I’m so close to the mouth that I swear I felt bits of calculus and saliva flicking back into my face T-T Can we disinfect our faces with alcohol gel??!!! But I’ve got no choice cause it’s pretty darn hard to get a good view of the patient’s teeth and trust me, when your patient has recession, you really wanna know where your scaler is going because many many times, it felt like I was actually removing cementum and dentine rather than calculus. I freaked out everytime the scaler gauged on something soft. It must have just been plaque because in the end, teeth looked fine, smooth, without calculus *grins* and tutor didn’t say anything.

My tutor also removed most of the stains (I didn’t know we’re allowed to do that, just scared that I’ll be taking off enamel instead) caused by the daily dose of empat puluh ciggies for the last 四十 years. Did you read that?!! F.O.R.T.Y neh. Siew gao gao man. I was so shocked inside, but just gulped it down and put on the pretentious face like “yea, I hear this everyday”. Anyhow, patient wanted to quit liao, so that’s all good. The verdict – 2 restorations (possibly a 3rd one if patient mau), one being MOBP (probably D as well) pinned amalgam. OMFG. As unbelievable as when my tutor has that evil smile on when saying p.i.n to my face. And more evil when suggesting I should restore both teeth in one session. Wahlaoehhh…… This is going to be FUN.

p/s Special thanks Wendy for the special Krispy Kreme doughnut she shipped all the way from Melbourne, going to eat that NOW muahahaha. And poor girl has to discharge her already ‘new’ patient to see another new patient. Well, hope your next patient will be like XX who’s patient has enough scheduled restorations to fill in all the appointments for the year.

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Part of a Dental student’s life is, a routine blood screen every year and that was exactly what I did yesterday. I wasn’t nervous or anything, we students get a lot of oral injections so what’s a blood test right? Peanuts. But you see, for some particular reason, the nurse in the Parklands’ tried once, omg it was darn painful ok, and fail to draw any blood. Well, she wasn’t able to locate my arteries/veins (which one you take?) in the first place, but still jab that damn thick needle into my arm. I don’t blame her cause I didn’t think that no blood’s going to come up. Come on, at least a single drop. But none. Like seriously, I’ve done this like so many times, never once had it fail! Then she proceeded to try on the other arm, palpating the vessel more carefully this time. And instead of the conventional elastic thick band, she slide the cuff of sphygmometer onto my arm and pumped away. Then she claimed out loud, “It should be showing beauuuuutifully this time”. I was delighted, no more unnecessary jabs. Then the phone rang and so she answered and asked the other lady in the room to try. She palpated around the arm, back and forth, back and forth. Uh oh, not a good sign. Then said she’ll leave it for the nurse. I waited, waited and waited. Then my fingers started feeling numb. But the lady was still on the phone. Die lo. Then I started seeing these blanching spots on my palm and fingers. After what seems like a thousand years, she came back to re-examine my arm and again, tried to locate the vein and say, “Oh, your arm is starting to turn blue” and immediately took off the cuff. Rofl. Cyanosis neh!!
So, I was re-directed to a proper blood collection center, which was where I took my previous ones without hassle. So I went there with full hopes. Waited for my turn and then got another jab. Much to my horror, NO BLOOD. Not even interstitial fluid ok, it’s as if I’m dried up inside!!!! The nurse played around with the needle to see if she can get anything but to no avail T-T. Was is the weather, I don’t know. Maybe the fat accumulated in my arms clogged the lumen. Hmmm. So off the needle comes and another one on the other arm. Jab. Ouch. No blood. Diu. Nurse a bit frustrated. Tell ME about it. Played a bit more. Trickle of redness finally…… came through. OMG. Hallelujah. Never felt so relieved to see blood in my life!!!! My oh my, and to think I have to redo the test next year – I think I’m starting to develop a needle phobia >.<

Besties: Marya, Vivian & Wendy (& imaginary Heshani)

Fair duos: Wendy & Xyn

Lovable Heshani & me

Cute Vivian & me
Me & Marya all smiles

Intoxicated: Wendy, Xyn, me (not so much LOL) & Vivien
Me & gorgeous Tien Li

Sexy duos: Christine & Jovina

Complimentary camwhoring in the washroom: u prolly know our names by now


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What a week!

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Another hot week ahead, sighs. When can this all be over I wonder?

A few days ago, went to an impromptu Karaoke session with V and W. It was kinda crazy. Then went to the Freshers basement party, that was kinda crazy too. Adding to it was some bizarre behaviours and convo(s), which I ain’t gonna elaborate cause at the end of it, I got pretty confused myself.

Next week – routine 8 o’clock classes again, my God, can I please skip? Sighs… It’s draining every bit of energy left in me, or so I think and I seriously don’t know how I can survive the year with such early classes. I feel so exhausted and sleepy pretty much every day after Uni ends. It surely did put me off doing any form of revision. Dent is really starting to get into me after 3 long years, oh correction, 2 long years and a month. Which I suppose is a good sign because more often than not, you would have expected it much earlier.

On a random notes, I was reading The Star and a reader was sharing thoughts about the ideal job and it should possess this three criteria(s),

First, it must be something that we enjoy doing. People who excel in their careers are usually in a field they are passionate about. Without enjoyment, any work would soon turn into drudgery.

Second, the job should pay sufficiently well. It can’t be a dream job if you don’t earn enough to fill your stomach.

And finally, it should contribute, at least a little, to the welfare of others. This would give the job meaning and purpose.

So first, I guess I am somewhat passionate with what I’m doing at the moment. Really haven’t get the full hold of it since I just started seeing patients. And this, more than anything will set us down the reality of Dentistry. So I can’t really say much except it’s not too bad for me right now. Secondly, I’m pretty darn sure my future job will pay well. It’s the second thing that got me into Dent in the first place. Thirdly, while dentists may not necessarily contribute to the society as much as doctors, I really thinks it’s up to individuals whether they decide to do something for others or not. Plus dentists do relief people off toothache, gain self-esteem by fixing their smiles, and eat properly in a case of a toothless person. So I’ll say this point is fulfilled. Overall, I think I might just have the ideal job, woo hoo~

Anyway, on the other side of news, the general election turned out some pretty surprising results and allow me to quote The Star, “the coalition suffered some of the greatest defeats in its history”. OMG. Let me just read that again. Fuhhhhh, my eyes went wide screening those letters. And apparently, all celebrations have been banned. -.-”’ I guess it’s a safety measure to prevent any riot or it’s going to be Dejavu all over again. Anyhow, you guys probably know which side I’m on, so YAYYY~~ That’s not crossing the law right? I sure hope so =P Sadly to say though, I didn’t vote, but they still won, so it’s all good.

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It’s getting hot down here!!

s0hMood > *Hot* (Summer’s over but not the heat -____-)

Just want to clarify a bit, please don’t have skewed thinkings in regards to my title. s0hp0h.blogspot is (U) for ‘umum’ or (G) for ‘general’ rated thank you very much. No 18sx stuff here please. Even thinking whilst my page is opened is not allowed!

Weather in Adelaide these few days have been nothing but HOT. And surprise surprise, it’s going to be the same right up till next week. That’s the furthest weather forecast I can check. What about the ones I can’t? Oh God please, why do you have to torture us humankind this way? As if being in City of Churches is not enough (no offense hor), the dryness is not enough and the perforated ozone layer not enough!! Now you have to do this to us, after fooling us deeply that the weather’s going to cool and sailing. Walking out under the sun these days are no other than roasting my already somewhat burnt tan skin. Just a short walk, my head’s burning, my neck, arms, legs, even my feet were not spared T-T So high heels or raised platform shoes are definitely recommended this season.

The scorching heat is really too much for my lousy skin to handle, it stings whenever they pierce through to my underlying layers of fat. Ten bottles of sunscreen also not enough ah! No wonder 1 in 3 Australians develop skin cancer. With this kind of sun around, unintentional tanning is already a big contributing factor, what more to say the intentional ones. Then as always, with heat, sure comes the good friend, freaking itchy bugs. Surely doesn’t help when I’m sitting in an isolated room with lights on, and the rest of the house doesn’t. They sure love the monitor sooo much and I sooo love to squish their bodies into pulp on the monitor screen for display. Kidding, though the squish part if true to some extent. Have to compromise a bit what.

Sigh, if I’m a sorcerer who can control rainfall, Adelaide would have been flooded like ages ago. Make it rain gao gao till submerge in water gao gao, coating every freaking nonliving and living surfaces with water, till we get so sick of it and never want a single drop ever since. Hmmmph! Maybe that’s why I don’t have special powers.. You see laaaa, heat even makes one hallucinate~~~ OMFG – I want my 25 degrees weather back can? 20 also nevermind, I just want chillness..

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Record first

s0hMood > *Hot* (Summer’s over but not the heat -____-)

My. First. Patient. I’d finally seen my very very first patient, not friends, not family, just someone random who came in to get something done. Wow. My patient is a ‘he’, much to my disappointment. But I quickly changed my mind after the first few minutes talking to him. A very nice man with lots of teeth for people his age. Other people I know are working with only 6 teeth when I have like 20+ to go on and on and on, but I prefer more teeth though cause then I’ll have a lot more options in terms of treatment. So I proceeded with the examination and wow, I found 5mm pockets. 5 freaking mm ok! How good it felt, weirdly, really. I never had so much fun probing before!! Obviously not a good news for the patient but the rest were fine, so he’s happy, I’m happy. Sadly though, he’ll no longer be under my care since I have nothing to offer him. Not even scaling, he got it done in private practice recently. I know, how saddddddd right? And all his restorations are still intact, not that I want to do one cause they’re all amalgam and we all know that it’s just too big for us noobies. So I really didn’t want to try and glad that I don’t have to too. So in the end, I reluctantly discharged my first patient. Sigh, I hope the next one will be as good and pray, pray, pray – NO interpreters please!!! Having a new patient on Wed ^^ Ahh~ I feel content….

p/s Dent people got to check this out. Trust me, you’ll want to KNOW!! What more can’t a tooth do??!!!

p/ps I have no patients on Wed. Just an intro session DUH…

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