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My. First. Patient. I’d finally seen my very very first patient, not friends, not family, just someone random who came in to get something done. Wow. My patient is a ‘he’, much to my disappointment. But I quickly changed my mind after the first few minutes talking to him. A very nice man with lots of teeth for people his age. Other people I know are working with only 6 teeth when I have like 20+ to go on and on and on, but I prefer more teeth though cause then I’ll have a lot more options in terms of treatment. So I proceeded with the examination and wow, I found 5mm pockets. 5 freaking mm ok! How good it felt, weirdly, really. I never had so much fun probing before!! Obviously not a good news for the patient but the rest were fine, so he’s happy, I’m happy. Sadly though, he’ll no longer be under my care since I have nothing to offer him. Not even scaling, he got it done in private practice recently. I know, how saddddddd right? And all his restorations are still intact, not that I want to do one cause they’re all amalgam and we all know that it’s just too big for us noobies. So I really didn’t want to try and glad that I don’t have to too. So in the end, I reluctantly discharged my first patient. Sigh, I hope the next one will be as good and pray, pray, pray – NO interpreters please!!! Having a new patient on Wed ^^ Ahh~ I feel content….

p/s Dent people got to check this out. Trust me, you’ll want to KNOW!! What more can’t a tooth do??!!!

p/ps I have no patients on Wed. Just an intro session DUH…


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