What a week!

s0hMood > *Hot* (Going to see a lot more of this pic than I had hoped for -____-)

Another hot week ahead, sighs. When can this all be over I wonder?

A few days ago, went to an impromptu Karaoke session with V and W. It was kinda crazy. Then went to the Freshers basement party, that was kinda crazy too. Adding to it was some bizarre behaviours and convo(s), which I ain’t gonna elaborate cause at the end of it, I got pretty confused myself.

Next week – routine 8 o’clock classes again, my God, can I please skip? Sighs… It’s draining every bit of energy left in me, or so I think and I seriously don’t know how I can survive the year with such early classes. I feel so exhausted and sleepy pretty much every day after Uni ends. It surely did put me off doing any form of revision. Dent is really starting to get into me after 3 long years, oh correction, 2 long years and a month. Which I suppose is a good sign because more often than not, you would have expected it much earlier.

On a random notes, I was reading The Star and a reader was sharing thoughts about the ideal job and it should possess this three criteria(s),

First, it must be something that we enjoy doing. People who excel in their careers are usually in a field they are passionate about. Without enjoyment, any work would soon turn into drudgery.

Second, the job should pay sufficiently well. It can’t be a dream job if you don’t earn enough to fill your stomach.

And finally, it should contribute, at least a little, to the welfare of others. This would give the job meaning and purpose.

So first, I guess I am somewhat passionate with what I’m doing at the moment. Really haven’t get the full hold of it since I just started seeing patients. And this, more than anything will set us down the reality of Dentistry. So I can’t really say much except it’s not too bad for me right now. Secondly, I’m pretty darn sure my future job will pay well. It’s the second thing that got me into Dent in the first place. Thirdly, while dentists may not necessarily contribute to the society as much as doctors, I really thinks it’s up to individuals whether they decide to do something for others or not. Plus dentists do relief people off toothache, gain self-esteem by fixing their smiles, and eat properly in a case of a toothless person. So I’ll say this point is fulfilled. Overall, I think I might just have the ideal job, woo hoo~

Anyway, on the other side of news, the general election turned out some pretty surprising results and allow me to quote The Star, “the coalition suffered some of the greatest defeats in its history”. OMG. Let me just read that again. Fuhhhhh, my eyes went wide screening those letters. And apparently, all celebrations have been banned. -.-”’ I guess it’s a safety measure to prevent any riot or it’s going to be Dejavu all over again. Anyhow, you guys probably know which side I’m on, so YAYYY~~ That’s not crossing the law right? I sure hope so =P Sadly to say though, I didn’t vote, but they still won, so it’s all good.


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