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s0hMood > *Celebrations* (It’s gonna be 29 degrees yea yea yea…)

I’ve just seen my very 2nd patient today!!!!!!! Wasn’t really excited because most people are already starting to do restorations and I’m stuck doing another examination because my previous patient was discharged. So this time around, I did get a female patient, which is what I wanted from the very beginning. But then people started telling me male patients are better, less complains, higher pain tolerance etc etc. So I thought, you know, maybe female patient isn’t such a good idea. Contrary to popular beliefs though, it turned out to be really good. My conclusion is, gender doesn’t matter, they just got to be Italian ^^,

Had a very good session today, I managed to finish on time, with all paperwork done, Titanium system logged, without the DA chasing us out. I was like 5 minutes late last time. Lol. Today, I even manage to give my patient a scale clean!!! Though others in my group were also pretty much at the same pace, it’s just comforting to know that I’m sitting alright. Don’t have to be on top, just pleaseeee don’t be at the bottom.

But scaling today was really difficult. Even with the ultrasonic scaler. Don’t know what it was, but I had to bend my back and neck till the extent I’m actually aware that they’re bent and felt those muscles aching. I’m so close to the mouth that I swear I felt bits of calculus and saliva flicking back into my face T-T Can we disinfect our faces with alcohol gel??!!! But I’ve got no choice cause it’s pretty darn hard to get a good view of the patient’s teeth and trust me, when your patient has recession, you really wanna know where your scaler is going because many many times, it felt like I was actually removing cementum and dentine rather than calculus. I freaked out everytime the scaler gauged on something soft. It must have just been plaque because in the end, teeth looked fine, smooth, without calculus *grins* and tutor didn’t say anything.

My tutor also removed most of the stains (I didn’t know we’re allowed to do that, just scared that I’ll be taking off enamel instead) caused by the daily dose of empat puluh ciggies for the last 四十 years. Did you read that?!! F.O.R.T.Y neh. Siew gao gao man. I was so shocked inside, but just gulped it down and put on the pretentious face like “yea, I hear this everyday”. Anyhow, patient wanted to quit liao, so that’s all good. The verdict – 2 restorations (possibly a 3rd one if patient mau), one being MOBP (probably D as well) pinned amalgam. OMFG. As unbelievable as when my tutor has that evil smile on when saying p.i.n to my face. And more evil when suggesting I should restore both teeth in one session. Wahlaoehhh…… This is going to be FUN.

p/s Special thanks Wendy for the special Krispy Kreme doughnut she shipped all the way from Melbourne, going to eat that NOW muahahaha. And poor girl has to discharge her already ‘new’ patient to see another new patient. Well, hope your next patient will be like XX who’s patient has enough scheduled restorations to fill in all the appointments for the year.


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