Happy Easter!!!

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We have this infection control lab last week? or the week before. Anyway, we took swabs of various things, from the bench top to our noses and cultivated the invisible bacteria into little visible colonies. It was kind of boring and interesting at the same time. Boring being the session took ages, and interesting seeing the results of our cultivations in the petri dishes. Kind of disgusting too.

Bacteria on bare hands, a finger is there to protect the innocent..

After washing hand with just water, remember ppl, soaps are invented for a reason

Throat swab

The other day, I had my very first Perio patient. She was a real sweetheart! Fulling hugging me just right after I called her name from the waiting area. So so nice. And guess what, she’s Italian again!!! I think by now we can all come into the conclusion that all Italians are really nice! She didn’t have much problems though, but I still need to see her in four separate appointments and put her on a recall appointment by the end of it. So it should turn out fine. I finally took my first bitewing(s) of the year, after being in a few clinics where the tutor opted for OPGs instead. I was waiting and waiting, and finally!! From 3rd year onwards, I need to record and collect all the x-rays (which at this point only include bitewings and periapicals, not OPGs) I take myself in order to obtain radiography licence by end of the course. And they turned out good, yay!

At a very happy note, Easter holidays are here, hehehe. So we had a steamboat (again, I knowwww) to celebrate the starting of this long awaited break. I ate sooo much that I probably didn’t need any food for the next few days. Certainly did not help when we started playing games in a attempt to finish the food and I ended losing some, hence, forced to eat more. I could literally taste food at the back of my throat. Gulps. After that, we all jumped into another impromptu karaoke session, making it like the Nth time since I arrived back in Adelaide. And I’m only roughly 2 months back. What about the remaining months? Aisyeh. At the end of the year, I’ll be karaoke queen liao. Albeit still kinda sucky in singing, but with all the practice I’m getting, I’m bound to get better right? Right… That night we also discovered 2 true karaoke queens, Michele and Sophia, their voices are so soo nice neh!

It was the first time going to sing K with such a big group in Adelaide. Other times, there’s only like four or five of us. We went to Kbox in Hindley, just to discover that they’re full until 12.30am. So we went across to Melody box, and they too don’t have rooms till they tell us they have one. Wahlao, they like want us to wait there. Kisiao, later no room then what? I ma ‘bai bai deng’ for few hours? Noob one. So we finally went to Buddha Bar, our last choice since it’s the most expensive one. But turned out that from Sunday to Thursday, we are entitled to 50% discount, so in the end, we only paid 4 bucks each. Super cheap!!! Of course Malaysia’s much cheaper, so there’s no need to remind me about that, you guys who can still enjoy K-lunch or Happy Hours in Redbox T-T. But 4 bucks is the cheapest I can get and I’m already very satisfied.

After the night ended, I went to stay over at Wendy’s, an impromptu decision again, and she gave me her master bedroom. Sounds so generous hor?? Haha, she used to sleep there but then moved to the other room because it was too hot during the past few weeks and the airconditioner couldn’t reach the master bedroom. See la, gave me the room without aircon one. Tsk tsk tsk. Joking la, it’s already colder these days, so it was really comfortable staying there. Except the fact that we talked till like 4 in the morning, so I was practically awake for er, *counts counts*, 19 hours, since that morning I had 8 o’clock lectures. And I had to give Han’s place a pass cause I was so tired, sorry Han!!!! But all in all, it was still fun la, don’t get me wrong k, Wendy. I compensated for it yesterday anyway, woke up at 12pm zzz. On top of that, I get another Krispy Kreme for breakfast. Super yummy! Sighs, Wendy got me addicted to doughnuts all over again… But thanks though, it was really very nice ^^,


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